Tutorial Time: This universal eye look takes only 10 minutes to do

Doing my eye makeup used to be a struggle for me. Pairing colors, blending them out, matching the look on both eyes, WINGED FREAKING EYELINER – the whole shebang honestly disheartened me as a makeup beginner. With lots of practice and watching several (hundred) YouTube videos later though, I’ve now completely fallen in love with eyeshadow play. I take my precious time destressing with makeup on the weekends but for days when sleep is precious and I have to prep quickly to avoid the morning rush, this is my go-to look. I swear this takes but 10 minutes to make and will fit all eye shapes and colors!

Step 1: Using a fluffy blending brush, apply a sheer wash of matte brown shadow on your crease. It’s best to use a shade that’s one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Starting from the outer corner of your eye, go back and forth with your brush, using gradually widening windshield wiper motions. You want to concentrate the color on the outer edge of your eyes and create a nice gradient effect towards your tear ducts. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like much just yet - it’s not supposed to! Eyeshadow looks often appear random until you’re done.

Step 2: Using the same brush, pick up a color that’s darker than what you initially chose. Apply it on the outer corner of your eyes using small circular motions to build definition. When there’s only a little product left on the brush, do the same windshield swiping motion to blend it in.

You can actually stop at this point, add some tightline and mascara, and call it a day! That would have taken about just three minutes for a barely-there eye look that still adds oomph to your FOTD. But if you want more from your eye look, go on to Step 3!

Step 3: Either with your fingers or a flat brush, deposit a light colored shimmer from the inner corner of your lids until where you laid out your second color. This will help open up your eyes and make you look more well rested!

Step 4: Using a tiny pencil brush, line the undereye area with a combination of your crease and definition color until around the midpoint. Once you get closer to the inner ducts, switch to your lid color for lining.

Step 5: For an extra touch of brightness, apply a sparkly inner corner highlight!

Step 6: Last but not the least, you can lift up your brows by applying a light shimmer or matte shade right underneath your brow arch. This makes them look better defined and neat!

With a tightline and some mascara, you’re good to go. And you’ll definitely want your lashes to frame your 10-minute masterpiece!

A few tips:

  • DO conceal your under eye area if you have dark circles.
  • DON’T miss out on priming! You want your precious eye makeup to stay on all day long.
  • DO coat your brush evenly with pigment and DO tap the excess off.
  • DON’T start your look with a dark shade; build it up gradually!
  • DO one eye after the other for every step rather than finishing just one side on one go. This will help you keep the uniformity of your look.
  • DON’T bother with the winged liner if you’re running late. You know what they say!
  • DO tightline your eyes for the extra definition instead.

This office-friendly makeup look is easy to fit into a quick routine and doesn’t require a lot of precision. It's meant to look soft and brightening - definitely not in-your-face! You can even do this while in transit so consider bringing travel-sized palettes with two or three of these basic shades in your kikay kit. The Lizly Palette, Happy Skin Glam Squad, and the Pink Sugar Eye Candy palettes are fab picks!

Is applying eyeshadow part of your daily makeup routine? How do you apply yours? And if you have any other helpful tips, feel free to share and list them down in the comments below!