Why Revlon’s new Cushion Lip Tint is my favorite everyday color!

Truth time: I rarely use watery lip tints. While they deliver a nice pop of sheer color, I find that they are ultimately too drying to wear by themselves. I end up having to use proper lip balm afterwards, so what I do instead is dot a bright/dark lipstick, blend it out in a sheer layer, then finish up with lip balm. It’s a lot of work but on casual days out or if I’m just playing tennis or rowing, I want my lip color to be as stained and therefore low maintenance as possible!


This is why I am so glad that Revlon came out with the new Cushion Lip Tint (P575). It delivers exactly what I’m looking for in the stain department! I love how moisturizing it is - it feels exactly like lip balm when freshly applied, and when it’s dry (say two hours later) there’s a good stain left over which can survive food and drink for another two hours. I took a photo to show how, when the balm dries, the color sort of seeps into the lips and barely transfers even on white tissue.


Reapplication is a breeze because of the cushion tip. The caveat is that the sponge applicator will get grotty after some time, so it’s best to sanitize it with spray alcohol and then wipe it every so often.


There are ten shades available in the Philippines, all of which definitely push beyond the typical red, orange, and pink lip tint colors. My advice is to go for the deepest and brightest ones to get the best tint and staying power; the lighter shades don’t quite stain as well. I highly recommend High End Coral, Crimson Feels, Fancy Rose, Wine Trip, and Extra Violet. That’s not to say that the lighter shades don’t hold their own ha. They look pretty and register with no streaks, so go for those ones if you’re looking for a natural woke-up-like-this tint.

Overall, I highly, highly recommend the Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint to anyone who wants a no-brainer lip product that’s low maintenance and comfortable to wear all day. I love lipstick, okay, but when I don’t wear a lot of makeup I prefer sheer, moisturized lips. This fits right in the hole!

Any thoughts on Revlon’s new lip tint? What’s your current favorite lip tint?

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