Lipstick powder, really? Here's what to expect from the new Revlon Color Charge line!

If you love bright pops of color in your look then I think the new Revlon Color Charge collection might be right up your alley.  This just recently arrived in the Philippines and has lipsticks, lip powder (!), nail polish, blush, powder pigment, and eyeliner. I've been testing out the new products these past few days, so here are my thoughts plus loads of swatches!


Revlon lipsticks are iconic because of their classic, trend-setting colors, buttery texture, and amazing pigmentation. It's hard to go wrong with them at P350! There are now five new shades available under the Color Charge line:

  • Barely Pink, a nude pink with a rose gold sheen (super pretty)
  • Pink Punk, a matte hot pink that's actually pretty close to the Project Vanity pink. Love it! 
  • Pure Red, a classic true matte red that's super creamy and opaque in one swipe
  • High Energy, an orange-y red that's modern and quite wearable
  • Dark Scarlet, a deep blood red for a sultry night out

I actually like all the shades! I find Barely Pink most interesting though because of its rose gold iridescent finish. I find it a bit too pale for my medium skin by itself, but I think it would look fabulous on top of a lip liner.


The scene stealer in the collection though would have to be the new Revlon Color Charge Lip Powder (P625). It's a palette containing five lipstick shades - three for everyday wear, and two shades to provide special lip effects. Honestly, I've tried lipstick powder before from a different brand but I did not like it that much. It was a novel idea but y'know, I'm not going to pay full lipstick price for just one color!


That's why I really like what Revlon did here. They put in five fun shades that you can really play around with, alone or with any of your other lipsticks. This is a good addition to your kit because there's so much you can do with them outside of coloring your kissers: these can be eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters too! Yes, seriously. If you don't believe me then you have to watch my tutorial video on these.

See? I told you. Every single color in these palettes are vibrant and surprisingly easy to work with. The bright colors leave a nice stain on the lips even when the powder part has faded. It won't survive a meal, but you can drink comfortably without worrying that everything will dissolve or slide off; transfer is minimal. You can blend this on the eyes as well as cheeks with minimal effort, and they stay on well when skin is primed properly. Do note that primer is important with these!

For P625, these are a good buy IMHO! Love how everything is in a compact palette so I can just slip it in any bag. High Fever is beautiful for high impact looks, but Peach Pucker is great for everyday wear (especially since you can use the colors all over the face).

Using the bright purple in High Fever on the lips. Love how pigmented it is! I didn't use any color underneath.

Using the bright purple in High Fever on the lips. Love how pigmented it is! I didn't use any color underneath.


If you're looking to add a bit (or a lot) of sparkle in your life, then you should check out the Revlon Color Charge Loose Powder Pigment (P575). There are three shades available:

  • Lilac Twinkle, a truly twinkly shimmer product in a pretty lilac shade
  • Copper, a bright shiny copper (think C-3PO)
  • Holographic, a white powder that swatches a holographic pink

There are several ways to use these. You can apply them as eyeshadow, wet or dry, as highlighter (Holographic is perfect for that in particular), and as a lipstick topper for extra effect. These can be a bit messy to work with but you just have to be careful about placing too much on your brush.


Last but not least, there's the Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner (P575). I don't think this is technically a Color Charge product, but these are new colors! Navy Stroke is a sparkly sort of greyish blue while Amethyst Stroke is a deep rich amethyst. I find that you really need to shake the bottle to get the pigmented evenly distributed in the liquid base, plus you will need to layer to achieve an opaque line. Navy Stroke in particular is rather a hassle to work with in that respect. 

Staying power is average at about 4-5 hours if you keep your eye area dry from sweat. These are just okay products; I like Revlon's pizza cutter eyeliner more in terms of color pay off and longevity.


And that is that! I hope you enjoyed this Revlon rundown. ^_^ Let me know what you think, as always!

This story is brought to you by Revlon.