Purple blush? Sounds crazy but it looks amazing - here's how to make it work

A good blush goes a long way in elevating your look. Done right, it can make a face look younger, slimmer, brighter, and even cuter. Naturally, we tend to favor pinks for a natural flush, oranges for a sun-kissed feel, or even reds to show up on stage. But I bet many of us never thought that purple is actually a great blush color! My fellow PV writer Stacie recently raved about using purple blush in our Halloween live vid. If you've been curious about how it works, I'm sharing tips on how to use it!

Colour Collection Intense Powder Blush in  Rosy Affair

Colour Collection Intense Powder Blush in Rosy Affair

Breaking down the purp-etrator

In color theory, purple corrects orange. Makeup-wise, this means that purple products can brighten signs of sallowness, which refers to an unhealthy yellow or pale brown complexion. Since many of us are yellow-toned or have brown skin, we are not used to identifying this skin condition. However, our Pinay complexions have the most to benefit from this trend so you all should really give it a try!

A good purple blush should not appear purple nor bruise-like on the skin, so you can relax and ease your worries that PV is sabotaging you and making you look zombified. If anything, the grapey tones of this color can make your complexion look healthier and more vibrant!

Image via MultiplisMakeup on YouTube

Image via MultiplisMakeup on YouTube

How to wear purple blush

Purple tends to brighten the face without adding as much ‘heat’ as pink and orange/peach. In essence, it is a cool blush. Not all purple blushes are created equal though, and may not always have a cooling effect. Some are heavy on the pink or red tones - this means they have an effect close to pink blush. If you’re interested in trying something new, try to choose a purple that has more blue in it! 

Purple blushes also come in a variety of tones. Baby lilacs or pastels are often best-reserved for light complexions. Using a lilac-toned blush has a cute effect, and is ideally applied in a wide pattern on the center of the cheeks. Topping it with highlight is also a great idea! Due to the cute feel of the cheeks, it is best paired with cute or fresh eye makeup such as puppy tail eyeliner and soft, gradient lips


Here's how a light purple blush looks like on Stacie, who is an NC20. She applied the Tony Moly Cheektone in Milky Violet (P378 at Tony Moly) right on the center of her cheeks, and paired it with aegyo-sal highlights for the ultimate fresh look! You may also try The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex You And Face Blusher in 03 Purple Fantasy (P299 at The Face Shop) for a similar look.

Meanwhile, people with medium skin tones look best in medium violets. Medium violets are the most flexible - they add color like normal blush would and are wearable in a wide range of looks. It is best applied in your everyday blush pattern


Like Stacie, I also have NC20 coloring but the medium purple of Colour Collection in Rosy Affair (P299 from Tupperware dealers) still works for me, albeit creating a different look. The effect is stronger than Stacie’s but still cooler than my usual orange and rose blushes. I love how it compliments the bold and vibrant lip color without looking overheated or overwhelming. I also wore a slightly warm, sheer coral eye shadow to pair with it. Another medium violet option to try is Clinique Cheek Pop in Pansy Pop (P1550 at Clinique).

Plums and stronger violets are suited to people with deeper skin tones. You can wear them a multitude of ways but they look great as a drape or as an edgy contour shade. A really strong blush can be worn two ways: as a power look or as a focal point. If you want to create a power look, it’s best to pair it with a rich violet lippie and graphic eyeliner. Otherwise, you can let the cheeks shine by picking a soft pink cream lip and sheer pink lids! Try the Bobbi Brown Powder Blush in Plum (P1440 at Rustan’s) or Nars Blush in Seduction (P1450 at Rustan’s).

These are just some basic guidelines for trying out purple blush. Beauty is a personal journey, and If your features are different or you simply feel like creating your own style, you can definitely mix up the colors and patterns to your liking! 

Is this a look that you'd like try? Or do you already wear purple blush? I'd love to hear about your experiences and, of course, purple blush recos!