Oily Skin Hack: Setting powder before foundation?! Spoiler alert - it works

Summer’s almost over but unfortunately the heat lasts all-year round. While my skin is on the dry side, I still get oily around the T-zone area, especially when I'm out all day. It's not a flattering look on anyone so I can just imagine how super oily girls feel about having to deal with that excessive shine! You've probably already spent a sizable amount on every product that promised to keep you matte so we decided to look for a different solution: a technique that is easy to do and won't cost you extra. It sounds too good to be true!

Hacks and tutorials, like the Jamsu and Liz's tried and tested anti-hulas routine, are designed to make your makeup last longer so we're no stranger to using our know-how to stay shine-free. This time, we found this video from BuzzFeed that offered a promising premise.

English makeup artist and vlogger Wayne Goss is usually credited for popularizing this technique.  Basically, you apply setting powder both before and after putting foundation. The concept seems to contradict the rule of always applying powders over a liquid base to make them more resilient and also to prevent makeup from caking, but let's see how this goes!

Step 1: Buff powder all over your face

The usual recommended powder is a translucent setting powder but a powder with some color is also okay. Be careful about applying too much powder though, especially if the foundation you'll be applying after is a liquid or cream type. Try to keep your powder layer light and sheer.

Step 2: Apply base makeup as usual

While we can't find anything saying that you can't use powder foundation, choosing a powder formula may be a bit too much powder on your face. I also wanted to see how it would affect my favorite liquid base so I applied that as usual.

Step 3: Finish off with another layer of powder

On dry skin types, powdering over the foundation may look a bit cakey immediately after but it settles nicely on the skin after a few minutes. Again, I tried to keep a light hand.

The Verdict

While my face looks oily in the after photo, in person I found it tolerable considering it's been six hours since application! I usually oil up at around four to five hours, depending on my skin prep. The extra layer of powder seemed to act like a primer that allowed my foundation to adhere to my skin better. You do have to be careful to just use a thin layer and buff it properly before applying the wet base.

Overall, this makeup technique is a success! I’ve even convinced my sister who has an oily skin type to do it too, and I can really see it working wonders for her. I also still use this technique whenever I need better longevity from my base, and it's not much of a hassle since it only take a few seconds to do the extra step.

Have you tried this makeup hack? How did it work for you?