This P349 brow mascara could be your next drugstore favorite

Brow mascara, for me, is that one final touch that takes my arches from pretty to wow. I showed you guys how I do my full brow routine in this tutorial (enjoy the video and gifs!) where I used a pretty pricey browcara that's not sold separately. Now if you're looking for something much more affordable then check out the new Pink Sugar Honey, I'm Good Brow Gel (P349)!

Yup, it's only 349 bucks. It comes in three shades - Blonde, Taupe, and Brunette - that is designed to work with most hair colors. Staying power for me is pretty good. Once this sets, it doesn't budge even when I get super sweaty. It might be a different matter if you have super oily brows but I find the liquid really sticks and doesn't smear even in extreme conditions.

The brush is medium-sized. I found it unwieldy to use at first, but once I got acclimated to the size and shape it was smooth sailing. Just be careful to wipe off the excess product first before applying it on your brows!

Back to the three shades. Blonde is a yellow-toned blonde that I love to apply on top of darker colors to soften them and add highlights to get that 3D effect. Taupe is a warm brown with a reddish tone that I can use by itself; I apply a thick layer and then even that out to get super sleek brows. Brunette is a rich chocolate brown that can also be applied alone to fake thicker brows. None of them seem to have shimmer but they do have a creme finish; not matte, but they have a slight shine that looks amazing on brows.

My absolute favorite would have to be Taupe, which I am wearing as is in the look above. It can also be a topper for pencils/powders/creams when I want my brows to look more lush.  It might be a bit challenging at first to get it to look as even - I had to practice A LOT - but once I understood how to sort of coax it around, it looked pretty damn good.

Otherwise you can use it just to prolong the staying power of your brow makeup + to get hairs in one neat direction. I would often use Taupe as well as Blonde for that purpose.

Overall, I highly recommend the Pink Sugar Honey, I'm Good Brow Gel if you want to:

  • Soften your brow makeup or match your brows to your dyed hair (get Blonde!)
  • Make your fine brows look extra lush (Brunette). Conversely, if you already have thick dark brows and just want them to look more polished, brush Brunette and Taupe lightly to keep them in place.
  • Shade, shape, and thicken your eyebrows in one go. If we have generally the same hair color, Taupe is your perf shade as well.

You don't need this product if:

  • You already love your current brow makeup routine.
  • You don't have the patience nor time to deal with a brow mascara.

And that is that! Hope you found my review useful! Lemme know if you've tried this brow mascara and how you're liking it (or not).

You can purchase Pink Sugar in SM Stores and Watsons, as well as BeautyMNL.