Commuter Diaries: How to keep your poise while in transit

Commuting around Metro Manila is a nightmare we all wish we could wake up from. Lucky are those who live near where they work; the rest of us have to suffer long hours on the road just to get to the office or reunite with our beds. It’s a really tough situation, no doubt about it, but you do have the option to NOT look as haggard as you feel. Here are four easy tips for keeping yourself looking fresh and poised even while you're on the road!

Plan your route and schedule

Beat ngarag by being knowledgeable about the best commuting routes to take. If you’ve been taking the same route for a long time, you know that there’s often a 10-minute window that can spell the difference between arriving a few minutes before you have to clock in, and getting to your destination an entire hour later. Most of the time it takes experience to know the best route, but websites like MMDASakay.phWaze, and even good old Google Maps should help. Add an extra 10 minutes to make allowances for unexpected delays.

Prepare for any weather

As if the traffic wasn’t hard enough to deal with, we also have to be prepared with the erratic Philippine weather. It’s admittedly difficult to look poised when you’re soaking in sweat or rain or both, so being prepared against all kinds of weather is key. If you take public transportation, make sure to keep a fan and a sturdy umbrella as your bag staples!

When you do happen to get drenched by the rain, we've got some advice for you.

Dress comfortably

What constitutes as comfortable clothing varies for everybody. Depending on the nature of your work or activities for the day, you may also need to adhere to a dress code. Keeping your poise has a lot to do with making any situation you’re in as comfortable for you as possible. So in this case, all I could really say is you do you in the most comfortable way that you can pull off!

Personally, I like wearing pretty shoes that are comfortable for lots of walking, and light, breathable clothing. If I need to look a little more formal and polished, I’ll just throw on a cardigan or blazer!

Poise Hydrating Luxe Lipstick in Boca

Poise Hydrating Luxe Lipstick in Boca

Poise Hydrating Luxe Lipstick in Vintage

Poise Hydrating Luxe Lipstick in Vintage

Make sure your makeup stays on point

Okay, you knew this was coming! A sure fire way to look poised is to make sure your makeup holds through your commute! This is a simple every day look that I did using products from Poise Makeup Professional, a new cosmetics brand from Los Angeles, California that just reached our shores! It’s a brand that’s meant to cater to both professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike, and all of products promise to be long lasting and sweat-proof a.k.a. commute friendly! Check them out on Lazada.

Above: Poise Mineral Pressed Face Powder (P1,600), Poise Mineral Pressed Cheek Color in Malibu and Venice (P850 each)

Below: Poise Hydrating Luxe Lipsticks in Vintage and Boca (P1,000 each), Poise Liquid Matte Lipstick (P1,250), Poise Lipgloss in Bliss (P1,400), Poise Mineral Pressed Eyeshadows in Taupe and Coco (P650 each)

How long does your daily commute take? What are your tried-and-tested tips for staying fresh and poised even on long trips? Share them with us in the comments below!