The Origins Holiday Guide: Sets to get for the best people in your life

As a big skincare enthusiast, I try to “influence” my family and friends to take better care of their skin. It’s not a frivolous pursuit - after all the skin is the body’s largest organ! It can be difficult for a complete newbie to buy into skincare though because there are so many products available now. Even I sometimes feel a bit intimidated and confused by all the options you can find in stores! This is why I am a fan of skincare sets - they usually cover all the basic steps, are united by a common effect or ingredient that can make them more effective, and are often cheaper than buying products individually!

One of the skincare brands I love to recommend is Origins, which offers skincare lines tailored to suit every type of concern. I’ve actually tried different products from their various lines and find that they improve my skin even though they’re designed for a different skin type! It’s a great brand to explore for giftable skincare, and their recently released holiday sets can pretty much cover everyone on your Christmas list!

Indulge your darling mommy with the Plantscription Pro-Youth set (P5,000)

She’s always been The Cool Mom and loves it when people mistake you for sisters. And, hija, everything in here smells so good that she want to tell all her amigas about it!

Includes: Plantscription™ Power Serum 50ml bottle, Plantscription™ Face Cream (APAC) 30ml jar, Plantscription™ Treatment Lotion 50ml bottle, Plantscription™ Anti-aging cleanser 50ml tube


Your outdoorsy dad could use some skincare SOS with these Skin Relief Stars (P5,750)

Good work convincing him to slather on sunscreen, but all that exposure to the sun and the elements takes a toll on the skin, making it red, sensitive, and irritated. Stop him from stealing from your mom’s stash and get him his own stuff.

Includes: Mega-Mushroom Face Serum 50ml bottle, Mega-Mushroom Face Mask 30ml tube, Mega-Mushroom Face Cleanser 50ml tube, Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion 50ml bottle

Help your stressed out bestie to Wake Up & Glow (P1,750)

Are they a new parent? Swamped with work and chasing deadlines? These fan faves from GinZing line contain coffee beans to energize the skin and make it look like they got their beauty sleep!

Includes: GinZing™ Gel moisturizer 50ml jar, GinZing™ Refreshing scrub cleanser 50ml tube, GinZing™ Treatment Lotion 30ml bottle, GinZing™ Refreshing eye cream 5ml jar

Help the new bride get a good start on her happily ever after with 5-Star Faves (P1,750)

Weddings are tiring, I know, but you really don’t want to go to bed with all that heavy makeup on. Origins’ cult-classic oil cleanser takes it all off in a jiffy, and the rest will help her maintain that glow past the honeymoon!

Includes: Checks and Balances™ Face wash 30ml tube, Modern Friction™ Cleansing Oil 30ml bottle, Clear Improvement™ mask 30ml tube, GinZing™ Gel moisturizer 30ml tube, Drink Up™ Intensive overnight mask 30ml tube


Reminisce those fun barkada sleepovers with Mini Mask Musts (P1,300)

From popcorn and DIY facials when you were teenagers, to wine and elegant skin-savers befitting working women, girls’ nights in have taken a step up! Now everyone can get their own mask without making a mess in the kitchen.

Includes: Clear Improvement™ charcoal mask 30ml tube, Drink Up™ Intensive overnight mask 30ml tube, Original Skin™ Retexturizing mask 30ml tube


It’s your turn to treat the home cook with these yummy-smelling moisturizers (P1,000)

Working in the kitchen is very physically taxing so your favorite chef could definitely use some extra TLC! Slathering on some pleasantly scented creams would be right on the menu.

Includes: Ginger Souffle whipped body cream 50ml tube, A Perfect World™ body lotion 50ml tube, Precipitation™ body lotion 50ml tube

Start your millennial inaanak on her journey as a Glow Getter (P1,000)

Don’t you wish you’d gotten started on skincare sooner? It’s especially important for teenagers to learn to take care of their skin as their hormones are in flux, and this pretty-in-pink set will help to keep their complexion clear, fresh, and glowy.

Includes: Original Skin™ Matte Moisturizer 50ml, Original Skin™ Serum 15ml tube, Original Skin™ Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly 15ml tube, Original Skin™ Retexturizing mask with Rose Clay 15ml tube


For the “woke” advocate who believes in clean, eco-friendly, and sustainable beauty (P1,750)

They will appreciate Origins’ efforts to end animal testing, recycled packaging, paraben- and phtalate-free formulations, worldwide reforestation projects, and net zero carbon emission goals by 2020.

Includes: Make A Difference™ Plus+ Rejuvenating Serum 30ml bottle, Make A Difference™ Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment 30ml jar, Make A Difference™ Rejuvenating cleansing milk 50ml tube, Make A Difference™ Plus+ Rejuvenating treatment lotion 50ml bottle

Finally, you deserve a pangkabuhayan showcase with The Best of Origins (P3,100)

Get all your skincare needs covered, from top to toe! This value kit offers the full Origins experience, and it’s just the thing you need to unwind and enjoy over the much-deserved holiday break.

Includes: Plantscription™ Anti-aging Power Serum 27ml bottle, Checks and Balances™ Frothy face wash 100ml tube, Plantscription™ Powerful Lifting Cream 30ml tube, Clear Improvement™ Active charcoal mask 30ml tube, Ginger Souffle™ Whipped body cream 100ml tube, Ginger Burst™ Savory body wash 100ml tube

Origins is available at SM Makati, SM Megamall, and SM Mall of Asia. Find more updates on their Facebook page.

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