Your first look at the Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks

The search for your perfect lipstick is an exciting adventure. We've made guides to finding your perfect red and most flattering pink, and if that's not enough to whet your fancy, a quick search for "lipstick" in our archives will have you reading for hours!

Recently, an exciting new lipstick range has turned up on our radar and made us take special notice. The upcoming Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Icona Pop Lipsticks collection promise to give your lips an iconic punch of color, featuring an expansive shade range that is nothing short of stunning!

Lipstick is to makeup what the last brush stroke is to painting... the ultimate, perfectly contained touch of color that completes the work of art. And just like in art, makeup artists need an infinite palette of colors. This is why I have developed such a wide range of new ARTIST ROUGE lipsticks, I always want to give makeup artists a profusion of shades and textures to sublimate and create their perfect piece of art.
— Dany Sanz, Founder & Artistic Director of Make Up For Ever

The formula itself is quite notable as the MUFE Artist Rouge Lipstick lasts a good 8 hours for the Creme and 10 hours for the Mat. This is due to MUFE's  "novel complex of waxes" that work together to keep the pigments as long-lasting as possible.

Big bonus: these lipsticks won't dry out your lips! MUFE combined macadamia and mallow oils to keep your lips moisturized day and night. Mallow oil is known for its super-emollient qualities while macadamia oil prevents skin dryness and helps retain the moisture naturally found in the lips.

Top: C600; Left to right: C502, C602, C601, C604

Top: C600; Left to right: C502, C602, C601, C604

The new Artist Rouge lipsticks are fantastic! There are so many colors and they are so intense that you can create any color you want. The texture and the color payoff are incredible - you can use them for hours, they don’t dry off and the color stays there.
— Colby Smith, Icona Pop's makeup artist

The launch event also introduced their latest partnership with Swedish group, Icona Pop. Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo popularized the international hit "I Love It" featuring Charli XCX, also a MUFE ambassador, opened for multiple tours including Katy Perry's and Miley Cyrus's, and are now returning with their single "Emergency". The strong collaboration of MUFE, Icona Pop, and the group's makeup artist Colby Smith also produced two limited edition shades for the Artist Rouge line: M401 and C603 showcasing "Red for confidence. Blue for exuberance."

Icona Pop's Caroline Hjelt (in M401) and Aino Jawo (in C603)

Icona Pop's Caroline Hjelt (in M401) and Aino Jawo (in C603)

A lipstick extravaganza filled the runway as models and MUFE's featured makeup artists showcased the new Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge line to the pulsating beats of the Zombettes.

A live demo also recreated the different lipstick artistry being shown on the huge TV screens at the Brewery. We're loving MUFE's modern take on the black lipstick!

As promised by the MUFE team, the Creme formula we swiped on at the event it lasted well into the night. Application was easy as the lipstick glided onto the lips. The Mat formula is also a winner in our book! The pigment stayed strong on the lips for a solid number of hours and only had minimal fading after eating.

The redesigned packaging reflects the professional aesthetic of Make Up For Ever. The inspiration comes from a MUA's metal palette combined with the brand's signature look. The bullet design provides high-precision application and was innovated by Dany Sanz.  This enables us to apply neatly into the corners of the mouth as well as create a crisper lip line.

M102 and M401

M102 and M401

Mark your calendars as all 48 shades of Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks will drop in stores on September 15 and retail for P1,250 each. We’re certainly looking to add a color or three to our stash!

Are you Team Crème or Team Mat? Will you go for the passionate red or the exuberant blue?