Monday Musings: Why I'm slowly getting addicted to Snapchat

I've been resisting the Snapchat trend for what seems like forever, however, a couple of weeks ago I finally gave in. I thought that there's no place in my life for another social media network. Snapchat is different though - it's pretty fun and fills a hole that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter just can not.

There was a time when Instagram was entertaining, but now I use it to update myself on promos, releases, and new work from artists I follow. The spontaneity is gone from Instagram. Instead, it's this highly curated place full of beautiful photos devoid of a story other than pretty. I still update there because I love sharing things that inspire me and beauty stories that I feel y'all should know about. It's not useless - just not what it was.

Facebook is where I go for updates on the lives of my friends and family. It's where I talk to my team and engage in communities I'm interested in. It fills my need for companionship and is a lifeline to the people I care about no matter where they are in the world.

And Snapchat? I didn't understand it at first, honestly. I really felt my age during my first few attempts! I'm 28 but it's already too millennial for me! When I finally figured it out I realized how fun it is to share these little Snaps about my life that I wouldn't post about anywhere else. Same with seeing others' too! I mean, on Instagram and Facebook, the first thing I ask before posting is will anyone be interested in this? Will they care to see this picture on their feeds?

On Snapchat, anything goes. It's meant to be this wild place where any random shit about you and your life is appreciated mainly because it will disappear in 24 hours anyway. Post a crazy picture with a crazy filter. Post yourself walking around saying anything that comes to mind. Hauls. Quick reviews. Food porn. Everything can be dumped there and people can watch and skip whatever they feel like; the commitment is low, so there is less pressure all around.

A couple of recent Snaps! Love posting about food hehe

A couple of recent Snaps! Love posting about food hehe

It feels so liberating to be putting up these Snaps without overthinking what I share. For once, it's not about the best photo out of twenty but what matters to me and what I'm doing at the moment. I enjoy watching my friends Snaps as well since it reveals a kookier side to them, aside from everything happening in real time.

I'm glad I got on this platform. ^_^ Hope you could follow me there @lizlanuzo! Would love to check out your Snaps too, if you could leave your usernames in the comments. Let's Snap together!