Three Mario Badescu Finds at Sephora.PH

It's been years since I tried something new from Mario Badescu, so when Sephora asked me if I wanted to check out their featured products this April, I couldn't pass up the chance.

Mario badescu has been around since 1967 and has prided itself with creating simple skincare that addresses common problems. The packaging is not fancy, but it is iconic! The green and white theme has been unchanged for years. Why? Because Mario Badescu believes that what's inside the packaging - skincare - is more important than the frills. It allows them to keep prices friendly while still providing quality formulas.

Sephora sent over the Elbow & Heel Soothing Cream (P570), the Summer Shine Body Lotion (P704), and the Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (P540). Here's what I think of each!

The Summer Shine Body Lotion is a lightweight moisturizer with a hint of vanilla. It's pleasant, but it's different because - are you ready - it has fine shimmer in the formula. It's not immediately apparent when it's freshly applied but after a few minutes, the pretty twinkly shimmer shows up on my skin.

They're beautiful and not at all messy. The shimmers stay on skin and doesn't transfer to clothes and anything else you might touch. Love it! I feel like a sparkly vampire every time the sun hits my skin! I think it's great for summer, especially at the beach.

If you just want to make your skin glow wherever you go, this could definitely be a daily habit. Think of it as highlighter for the body!

The Elbow & Heel Soothing Cream is one hard worker. This bright blue gel (certainly not cream) is viscous and can bring back moisture to scaly patches of skin. I've been suffering from dry heels lately - I don't really apply lotion on that area regularly, plus I'm breaking in some shoes. One swipe of the Elbow & Heel Cream softens and smoothens the dryness away.

I have to emphasize that it's very, very thick so a little goes a long way. It does have this smell. It's not stinky, it just doesn't have any fragrance to it. It's hard to describe! I don't find it unpleasant but thought to mention that it's there.

I think my mom will love this, so I'm sharing my jar the next time I see her.

The Eye Make-Up Remover Gel is so relaxing on the eyes. It feels a bit cool at first touch and does not sting my eyeballs even when it gets in. It has no scent!

I squirt some on a cotton pad before gently wiping away my makeup. It can take out most water-resistant makeup like primed eyeshadow, heavy-duty eyeliner, and light mascara. It can remove waterproof mascara but you have to use more product and soak the lashes first before attempting to break down the gunk.

I must say I love the size! It's so travel-friendly. I'll keep it in my tennis bag so that my makeup removal routine is quicker. (Yup, I tend to wear makeup to tennis especially when I come from work!)

And that is that. ^_^ Come get your Mario Badescu products at They have the best-sellers from the brand like the Silver Powder (my review here), Drying Lotion (for acne), and Buffering Lotion. Happy shopping!

Tell us about your fave MB products too!