So luxe and compact: the Make Up For Ever Travel Brush Set

Next week I am off to Tokyo for a solo trip, to look for inspiration in my work as an artist and as a beauty industry insider. I just really plan to walk, eat, paint, and check out interesting stores. Gaining a bit of perspective may or may not be included! It's Tokyo though. It's impossible not to learn anything new.

That's why I currently have a keen eye out for travel essentials, and why I was extra happy to receive this travel brush set from Make Up For Ever last week. I audibly went "oooooohhh" when I opened the pretty package! Have a look and tell me it's not fabulous!

The Make Up For Ever Travel Brush Set (P4,200) costs a pretty penny but is on the top of the pile when it comes to luxe mini tools. It features four travel-sized Artisan Brushes which can be used a good many ways to do a full face of makeup. This multi-purpose hoodoo is of course non-negotiable when you can't spare the space for several tools in your luggage or handbag.

The case is compact, sleek, stiff, and lightweight. It has room for three more mini brushes and perhaps a couple of makeup inside. I love it. The brushes though are particularly remarkable. From the textured wooden handle to the ultra-soft hair, they are a joy to hold and place on my face. I'm not a stranger to plush brushes but these are exceptional in terms of softness!

The #150 Precision Blush Brush can be used for blushing, contouring, and even blending on liquid, cream, and powder foundation. It's dense, although a bit small for base application. It'll just take a bit of time to cover your whole face but it will work.

The  #228 Precision Shader Brush is meant to apply eyeshadow washes, but it can also work with concealers. It's the traditional shape and size for it. The #216 Precision Eye Blender Brush is for placing and blending eyeshadow on the crease as well as for contouring the nose.


Finally, the #172 Precision Corrector Brush is an odd little number. It can be used for lining the eyes and shading eyebrows, but according to MUFE it's for applying and blending concealer. Huh. Interesting! I will definitely try that out.

Overall, the Make Up For Ever Travel Brush Set is quite lovely but yes, too fancy for most of us. Get it if you love to indulge when it comes to tools or perhaps as a gift this Christmas. It's a great set if the price is not an object for you.

So there you go! I can't wait to bring this set with me when I travel next week. ^_^ 

Liz Lanuzo12 Comments