Current eye cream: the Kiehls Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum

The thing about break ups is that you spend many days crying about it and losing sleep overthinking the many horrible reasons that led it to happen. I'm past it now but while it was happening a month ago? Good lord. It was like it would never end! I'm a little embarrassed thinking of it now lol.

When I told my friends about it they're shocked that it ended, and also surprised that I didn't look like crap. Haha. I tell them it's because I'm using the latest eye cream from Kiehl's! Seriously. Kiehl's as you know is one of the most reliable skincare brands for me and I am ridiculously happy that it came through for me at a dark time. Their new eye cream, the Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum (P2,750) is quite amazing. It kept my eyes from become wrinkly, puffy, and generally dead-looking. Swear!

This eye cream is designed to lift, smooth, firm, moisturize, and improve the contour of the eyes. It contains rhamnose and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate and improve the overall texture of the skin. There aren't that many fancy, state-of-the-art ingredients in this particular eye cream TBQH but whatever is in here works for me! If you knew how much stress I've been to last month then you'd be surprised my eyes are still presentable at this point.

The texture is very light and almost watery. I'm unhappy with the pump mechanism since it releases way too much product, thus forcing me to slather the cream everywhere. Well, I do place the excess on my neck - something I do with all serums anyway.

And here I am! My circles and puffiness around the eyes could definitely be better, but like I said, they should've been a lot worse. I'm happy with their status overall since I don't feel compelled to pile on the heavy coverage concealer whenever I leave the house.

So there you go! I believe the Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum is something to consider next time you're out in the market for eye cream. It worked to improve my eye area even against crazy odds. Hope it works for you too!

Have a great weekend!