Swagtastic: Eight Grooming Gifts for Your Man This Father's Day

by R. Javier A. Bengzon, contributor

Being married to Project Vanity’s beautiful managing editor has made me pay more attention to my grooming and my skincare regimen. I think it's more than just vanity, it's self-care - something that men should remember to do for themselves on a regular basis. Now if you're still at a loss about what to give your loved one this Father's Day, these items are sure to bring his swag back and keep him looking his dashing best. From hair styling to skin care and even scents, there’s definitely something here to keep the men in your life feeling and looking great!


Percy Nobleman Face and Stubble Wash (P1,000)

Looking good starts with being clean. What better way to keep your man’s face pristine than with a cleanser that will soothe facial skin and soften beard hairs? It’s designed for use on light to heavy stubble growth, to stop the body’s natural reaction of oil overproduction. Oilier skin happens when harsher washes strip the skin of essential oils. This cleanser's light peppermint and cucumber scent will leave skin feeling fresh and relaxed.

Percy Nobleman Face and Stubble Moisturizer (P1,300)

If your man likes a more rugged look, this moisturizer would be perfect for him. It’s scientifically formulated at a skin-friendly pH, to cleanse, hydrate, and repair skin, while also nourishing stubble and shorter facial hair styles. It contains vitamin E and soothing aloe vera for sensitive skin. Best of all, the non-sticky formulation won’t leave him feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Frank and Co. Gentleman’s Serum (P500)

The perfect look is only ever achievable with healthy hair. To keep those locks lustrous and lush, start with this serum that contains Moroccan argan oil and other natural ingredients. It’s formulated to help moisten and nourish the scalp and hair, encouraging healthy growth.

The London Grooming Company Shave Cream (P1,300)

If you want your man stubble-free, this product is right up your alley. It creates a smooth, creamy lather that softens beard bristles, allowing them to be sheared off with minimal blade pressure. This shave cream is specially formulated for sensitive skin, and comes with London Grooming’s subtle signature fragrance.

The London Grooming Company Aftershave Balm and Skin Moisturizer (P1,120)

There’s nothing like a good rubdown after a clean shave, and now your man’s baby-smooth cheeks will stay that way all day with this two-in-one product. No matter how long you've been doing it, there's always a risk of getting nicks while shaving. It also removes some of the skin's protective skin layers so the area can feel a bit more sensitive than usual. Formulated to cool and destress the skin, this soothing balm also serves as an effective antiseptic while keeping skin soft and nourished.

The London Grooming Company Pomade (P1,300)

Lock those locks in place! This strong holding pomade is great for shaping and styling hair of medium length, and is suitable for all hair types. It’s completely water-soluble and washes off easily. This product is best used on damp or towel-dried hair, resulting in a high-gloss finish.

Percy Nobleman Matte Clay (P1,000)

Men with short hair will appreciate the definition and texture provided by this styling clay. Its demi-matte finish creates effortless hold and lasts throughout the day. It’s also completely paraben-free, and washes out easily.

Fulton and Roark Solid Cologne (P1,950-3,000 for the cologne + case, P350 for refills)

Compared to traditional sprays, solid colognes are longer-lasting because of the wax base, and the fragrance is highly concentrated so even a little creates a big impact. These are also encased in rugged, shatterproof metal containers that fit anywhere, from a gym bag to a suit pocket. There are five variants available to suit different tastes: Tybee (clean, light, musky), Shackleford (warm, amber, woodsy), Hatteras (fresh, classic, sporty), Clearwater (shower-fresh), and the Limited Reserve No. 3 (robust, bright, citrusy).

You can find all these products at Spectre Manila, a barberdashery that offers grooming services, suit tailoring, and specialized men's accessories. Additionally, they are offering a special promo for the Fulton and Roark colognes, just in time for Father's Day! From June 16 to 25, each solid cologne purchase comes with a free refill of any scent variant. That's a great option for men who like switching up their fragrances, as I do.

Which grooming must-have is your man in desperate need of? Let us know in the comments section!

Spectre Manila is located at the second floor of 916 Luna Mencias St., Brgy. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City (behind Organico Gourmet). More info at their Facebook page.

Javie is a straight guy and a skincare convert. He follows a four-step nightly routine, except on the days he adds a BHA to the mix.