I wish I knew about this simple travel and storage hack sooner

Is it weird that one of the most fun aspects of traveling for me is packing all my things neatly and properly? I can't abide spills, messes, and worse - breakage. I try not to pack fine pressed powders with me during trips abroad but when I absolutely have to, I do my best to keep my whole kit secure and just pray that it doesn't get jiggled at a wrong angle!

Recently though I read about a cool travel hack that will help me secure powder compacts better. It's so simple, I can't believe it didn't occur to me earlier! It basically involves placing a cotton pad or two on the powder before closing the compact. That's it. It makes so much sense! Since there's something soft occupying the space between the powder and the mirror, the powder is pressed in gently.

This doesn't just apply to securing powders in your check-in luggage. It's also useful if you don't want your compacts to break inside your bag or even if you just want to separate the sponge from the powder for sanitary reasons. Oh, it should also be SOP for cushion compacts: as it can get damp inside due to the nature of the storage, place a cotton pad right underneath your sponge to absorb any extra moisture.

And that is that. Have you got any neat new travel or storage tips? Have a great weekend ladies!