Spoiler Alert: You might be using too much of your beauty products

Have you ever wondered why your conditioner runs out faster than your shampoo? Does your face feel too greasy after using moisturizer, even though all the reviews you've read rave about its texture? Or have you foregone buying a new eye cream because it’s expensive and runs out easily?

Don’t worry, we’ve all dealt with the same problems before, and they can easily be solved when you know exactly how much product you need per use. Here's our quick list!

Eye cream

Squeeze out two pea-sized amounts and use one per eye. The skin around your eye area is think and delicate so make sure to dab and not to drag!

Facial moisturizer

Apply a dollop about the size of one cherry tomato (or about the half of a regular tomato) all over your face and neck. Pat until fully absorbed.

image via kixcereal.com

image via kixcereal.com


Serums are pricey, but luckily you only need a small amount to get its full benefits. Pump out product equivalent to the size of a raisin. Any more than that and you'll get too greasy!


Be careful not to go overboard with this product, as you don't want to end up rubbing yourself raw. Dispense no more product than the size of a 10-peso coin to cover all the nooks and crannies of your face. 


The amount of facial wash you need will depend on the kind of product you're using. Foamy cleansers would be puffed up by air, so you'll need to pump a strawberry-sized amount to lather all over your face. If you're using a clear gel or cream type, get the same amount as you would use to exfoliate.


For your daily dose of protection, use about a teaspoonful for your face and neck, plus another teaspoon per exposed arm or leg. If you're in a swimsuit, however, you'll need full body protection or about as much sunscreen that would fill a shot glass. Make sure to reapply as much after a few hours to keep your skin continually protected!

Mousse: The amount of hair product you need really depends on how much hair you actually have and the kind of style you want to achieve. For creating that slightly volumized, rolled-out-of-bed look however, dispensing mousse the size of an egg is enough to apply to your roots.

Shampoo AND Conditioner

Yes, you're supposed to just use as much conditioner as you do shampoo! Short-haired gals need about a teaspoon while long-haired ladies (with locks grazing the bra strap) should use a tablespoon. It may not seem like much, but remember that shampoo should be focused on your scalp while conditioner should only be applied to your tips. Of course, you may need more if your hair is Rapunzel-long!

Use these tips as guidelines rather than strict rules on how to use your products. After all, a lot still depends on what you're using, plus your skin or hair's actual needs. If you're still unsure, start with a small amount and add in small increments until it feels right. 

So, have you been using the right amount? Which products have you (unknowingly) been scrimping on or using too much of?