Here's a new organic salon-worthy hair care line to try

You know how bad ideas usually start with a shrug and a YOLO? I bet that many a beauty faux pas begin this way, especially when it comes to trying a new look for your hair. No judgment here! These last few years have seen me going on a hair processing binge myself. I’ve colored my hair, had it rebonded, and then colored it again at least two more times. While I avoided bleaching, I did try to get as light a color as possible and it has left my already frizz-prone hair feeling dry and over-processed. While the only true answer to getting rid of damaged hair is to snip strands off, there are ways to prevent further damage and strengthen the remainder of your tresses.

Local natural beauty brand Human Nature is turning “hairspiration” into “kindspiration” with the launch of their new Professional Saloncare Shampoo and Conditioner. Launched in partnership with Azta Urban Salon, the hair care set is all-natural, sulfate-free, silicone-free, and also ideal for maintaining color-treated hair.

If you haven’t been giving much thought to the ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner, you’d be surprised to learn that many common ingredients contribute to hair damage. One such example is sulfate, which is great for stripping away excess oil and giving you that squeaky-clean feeling. The bad news? It also tends to lift pigments, so your dye job fades faster and may look uneven. Another culprit is silicone, which smoothes out hair strands by wrapping itself over the hair’s cuticle (outermost layer). However, it also prevents proper nutrient absorption, so you don’t actually get all the hair care benefits from your products.

To keep hair feeling silky without any harmful effects, Human Nature's Saloncare line has been formulated with avocado oil, sunflower oil, and sugar beet extract for a natural dose of moisture and smoothness. When the Saloncare shampoo was applied to my hair, the first thing I noticed was the coconut scent. It’s pleasant and made me think of vacations at the beach, and I was surprised that the scent lasted well into the next day!

As with most sulfate-free formulas, the shampoo doesn’t enthusiastically lather up like most commercial shampoos do. I know I don’t actually need big suds to get my hair clean but it admittedly takes some getting used to! I like how the shampoo my scalp and hair without causing dryness. The conditioner is rich and feels a little bit waxy, but it won’t leave a slick feeling down your back or residue on your hair. After a week’s use, I noticed my hair feeling less rough and dry, and looking more shiny. My over-processed hair ends still feel dry and “crispy” but it's lush and bouncy from the midpoint up to the roots!

Want to try too? The Saloncare line is available at the Human Nature website, all Azta Urban Salon branches in Metro Manila, Human Nature dealers, and select grocery stores. The shampoo and conditioner each retail for P249.75 (200ml) and P499.75 (495ml).