Happy Skin x Love Marie: An interview with Heart on beauty, style, and the perfect lippies

Remember back in 2016 when Heart Evangelista-Escudero collaborated with Happy Skin for a limited edition collection? The mini lippies and liners were such a hit that they've relaunched the two bestselling lip liners as full-sized matte lippies!

This is the first time ever that Happy Skin has relaunched a limited edition collection, which goes to show just how amazing these two shades are! And like the other matte lippies of Happy Skin, these new arrivals are packed with Cupuaçu Butter to provide hydration and a bit of sun protection as well. The #HappySkinxLoveMarie Moisturizing Matte Lippie (P649) comes in the shades Heartthrob (deep red) and Skinny Dipping (peachy nude).

Happy Skin Love Marie Duo.jpg

Can’t choose which shade to get? Grab the Lippies Set (P1,199) instead, and get a bonus sticker sheet of Heart’s hand-drawn illustrations depending on where you buy.

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I have personally loved Happy Skin’s Moisturizing Matte Lippie formula ever since the Preview x Happy Skin collection came out. Though they come in matte finish, they don’t make my lips look dry and parched compared to some of the usual mattes we have on the market. In fact, they’re creamy enough that I use them for blush as well! I have even tried applying Skinny Dipping on my eyelids for a complete monochromatic look. The formula also lasts quite a while, clocking in at 3-5 hours depending on what I eat.

Happy Skin Love Marie Swatches.jpg

I like using Skinny Dipping daily as it is a lovely nude that isn’t too pale. I have super pale lips so having a pigmented nude is a necessity. As for Heartthrob, it is the perfect red to transition into the shade range. It’s not that type of red that screams - I find it to be a classic red hue that goes from day to night quite smoothly.

Happy Skin Love Marie Swatches Liners.jpg

I swatched them with the original Lip Liners, both of which are sold out already according to Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, though you may be lucky enough to still spot one or two at their numerous branches nationwide. I know I’ll be on the lookout for those as I’m a fan of the lip liners too and would definitely want a back-up!

Happy Skin Love Marie PR 4.jpg

I was able to sit down for an exclusive interview with Heart, who gamely chatted about her thoughts about makeup, her new online home, and being a woman with multiple roles in real life:

Hi Heart! Congratulations on your collection! Can you tell us more about this latest collaboration with Happy Skin?

Well, in 2016 we had mini lippies and lip liners. And the lip liners, it was received very well, so it was perfect that we came out with a full lippie. We wanted to also focus on the red and the nude because it's actually just what you need to change your look from day to night so yeah, that’s why we came out again. We’ve relaunched Heartthrob and Skinny Dipping!

Those shades are the perfect polished lipsticks. If there's one more shade that you'd recommend for us girls to have, what would it be?

I would still go for something in between, it's either a brighter red or a lighter nude. Really classic shades. I mean, you don't want to look back and say, 'Oh my god, what was I doing?' di ba? You want to keep it timeless. That's what I discovered as well, [as you get older] you just wanna not be so complicated with your colors.

Your lip looks are always on point. How do you create your lip look?

Like with a nude, that's usually the color that I would put as a base. So you could use it alone or I also like blending lipsticks. So sometimes I would mix my nudes with a lighter nude, there's no specific [combination]. With the collection I did with Happy Skin, that would be my basic colors.

Happy Skin Love Marie PR 2.jpg

Aside from lipstick, what are your other beauty must haves?

I like makeup kits. It relaxes me because I like to fix my stuff. I love organizing so I [am] always very OC with my makeup kits. I always bring like a big tote where I put my makeup kit and I have all my alcohol and everything. I like that. So I think it's a must have to have nice, really cute makeup kits to organize my stuff.

You have always been an icon for Filipino women both in beauty and style. What are the top style tips that you live by?

To just be yourself. You know yourself more than anyone, you know your body type... if you don't feel confident about what you're wearing, change. Doesn't matter if it's not in trend, you wear what you feel comfortable in and you will look good the moment you feel comfortable about yourself.

Who are your beauty and style icons?

I am a fan of Miroslava Duma. She was actually Harper's Bazaar Russia’s editor before, if I'm not mistaken. Now she's doing fashion tech, she was really my fashion icon for the longest time. I also like Chiara Ferragni.

I just really like different people that I see when you travel, you know. People that you see walking, you really learn a lot from [them]. Oh I didn't know you can wear this with that, then you kinda do your own version.

You've been teasing on Instagram about your new online home, and we're excited. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

I've been working on it for a long time; it actually got delayed because I wanted to launch my clutch bags there on my website. So I also have a part where I have all these curated products that I love, that I use, and I've been editing the videos as well.

We're actually doing everything on our own, but I do have a team so they're also helping me with the graphics and stuff. It's super nice and I have loads of pictures from past trips, and pictures you don't see on Instagram. I'll also be kind of writing, I'll also be sharing personal things, stuff like that. They'll see [a different side of Heart], they'll get to know me even more. I'm very hands on, too, so it's really me.

Wow, that’s exciting. You always have impeccable taste. Can you let us know what’s on your bedside table?

I have a novena, the Divine Mercy novena. I have a rosary. I have my eye mask. I have like this oil with mint because I get a lot of migraines. I also bought a few facial-like silicon masks for my neck in Korea. So its just the neck that I really focus on.

Your Instagram bio reads “Wife, Actress, Artist, Author”. In this day and age where women are able to take on a lot of roles in life like you, do you have any advice on how to balance it all? How do you do them all so amazingly?

I have a very supportive husband. I'm very, very lucky that I have a supportive husband because I think it's important that you have somebody that understands and supports you so you'll be able to grow, not somebody that kind of constricts you and can't do anything. That could be one.

And [another] one would be, I like to share. I feel like I'm older than my age - I've gone through so much in life, and I have so many things that I'd like to share with not just my fans but [with] people that are curious. Like my beauty tips, I went through so much to come up with this idea, that lesson, so I'd like to share that. That's why I have all these things I'm doing cause I like sharing my ideas.

It was truly a fun and inspiring conversation with Heart. I’ve started layering Skinny Dipping and Heartthrob, too, as well as paying extra attention to my neck. Can Happy Skin please come out with face and neck masks soon? 😊 You can get your own Happy Skin x Love Marie Moisturizing Lippies nationwide or at happyskincosmetics.com.

Are you Team Skinny Dipping or Team Heartthrob, or both?