Read this before saying goodbye to your Brazilian virginity

Getting your first Brazilian wax is a milestone that not every one of us goes through, but for those who do, it can make or break the rest of your hair removal adventures. My first time was actually quite pleasant, enough to encourage me to make it a regular appointment. I'm not going to lie to you: it still hurt and some tears were shed, but the pain was manageable and the results were truly satisfying. I loved the immediate feeling of cleanliness, smoothness, and readiness to don a bikini post-wax!

The key to a good first waxing experience is to come prepared and well-researched, so if you’re thinking of going bare down under, here are a few tips to guide you!

We <3 Strip Manila

We <3 Strip Manila

Invest in the best place that offers the service

Ask your friends who are Brazilian regulars: where do they go to get their cooch groomed and why? When I’m considering a new waxing salon, I look out for three things: price, hygiene, and the type of wax.

My personal budget limit for Brazilian waxing is P1, 500 for a really good salon, but the ideal price would be around P600 to P1, 000. I make sure that I read enough reviews commending the place and that they have a ‘no double dipping’ policy. I always go for hot wax as the heat opens up the pores of the hair follicle, making removal faster, easier, and less painful.

Strip is the best waxing place in town - they know and love what they're doing. Most important of all though, the pain is more manageable compared to other waxing salons! Their attendants are trained to work very quickly so they can be done in as fast as 15 minutes. If you're on a budget, Lay Bare is a good alternative but they are slower and they tend to go back on hairs they missed (ow).

Yup, you can ask for fun shapes too!

You can have all the hair completely taken out, but there are options if you prefer to be flirty down there. Ask for the menu and see if there's anything you like.

Schedule it around your period

Not only is waxing while on your period awkward and unsanitary, it would also hurt more because you’re highly sensitive around that time. Best to avoid waxing three days before and after Day 1 of the red days!

Trim the area beforehand.

As with any other area, hair growth that is too short usually means you won’t get a clean wax. If it's too long though, it would hurt like a b****. Good salons will have no problem trimming the hair pre-wax, but better to prep the area yourself to be sure. The ideal length would be ¼ of an inch or about how long a grain of rice is. If you decide to shave, let the hair grow back for at least five to seven days to ensure that the wax has enough hair to grip.

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Take painkillers before your appointment

If you think that you have a low threshold for pain, you might want to pop an ibuprofen at least 30 minutes before your session. Some waxing parlors also offer a numbing cream so check that out if you're worried about it hurting.

Wear a skirt

Choose a comfortable style that allows you to move. It may seem overdressed considering you're just getting waxed, but you'll thank us later. Wearing jeans or shorts, especially tight ones, will only cause friction that could lead to discomfort and darkening.  

Give your aesthetician feedback

Your session may only last a few minutes but developing a good relationship with your aesthetician is important. Set the mood even before you get to the waxing bed; if you prefer silence, tell her right away. I like it when the person is a little chatty so I’m all waxed before I even know it. If the pain becomes too much to bear or you feel any great discomfort, make sure to tell them right away! You can take a quick break to calm your pain receptors, allow the wax to cool a little more, or adjust to a more comfortable position. 

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Know your aftercare.

Congratulations, you’ve just said goodbye to your Brazilian virginity! You took the time and paid good money to have it done, so don’t waste all that that effort just because you're too lazy to do the aftercare. Make sure to ask your aesthetician or read the aftercare instructions posted in the salon before you leave.

Generally, you should ensure that the freshly waxed area remains clean and dry. That equates to no bathing, swimming, saunas, working out, or application of any topical lotion for the next 12 hours. Around the three-day mark when the hair is about to grow, start exfoliating the area. This prevents you from getting nasty ingrown hairs that often get stuck on dead skin.

Tip generously!

It's a nice gesture, especially if you liked the service and think you’ll be going back. About 15% to 20% of the cost of the service should be a good benchmark. If you think that’s too steep and really can't afford it, just remember to thank and compliment your aesthetician on your way out.

Any advice you'd like to share too? How was your first time?