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Beauty Is Pain: 5 Brazilian waxing experiences for every budget

I remember a time when the thought of a Brazilian wax (or even just a bikini wax) was something of a taboo. My own mother still cringes at the thought, but those of my generation are more open about comparing notes and sharing experiences, which makes it a little less scary.

This I will tell you: yes, it is the most painful kind of waxing but it truly beats epilating (a story for another day) and shaving (which has its own slew of horror stories). A well-done wax job is fast, clean, and yields the dolphin-smooth skin that provides comfort. Horrible waxing, as you’ll find out below, may make you regret ever considering having it done in the first place.

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True Story: How I made my stretch marks disappear in 15 minutes

Confession time: I’ve been plagued by stretch marks on my butt and thighs for years and years. Though they don't usually bother me, I get conscious about wearing swimsuits and opt for styles that feature shorts and skirts. I was resigned to hiding them forever until I heard about Strip Manila's newest offering: a laser procedure called Strip White.

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Beauty Roundup: Summer steals, a beauty line by a tennis superstar, and concealer kits

It’s been another crazy week for the beauty world and we can’t help but be super excited for all the news that’s coming in! From one of our favorite athletes possibly launching a gigantic beauty line, to Kim Kardashian-West’s new concealer kits, we’ve got the tea on all things fab and fun! Plus, we'll tell you how to score a summer beauty loot while staying in budget. Here we go!

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