The oldest trick in the book for bigger, brighter eyes

Nude eyeliner is probably in the bottom of your barrel of makeup priorities. It isn't as inspiring as say, a beautiful color on your lips or perfectly arched eyebrows, but it is quite useful in stunningly subtle ways. You can line the top and bottom part of your brows to sculpt them out even more, highlight your cupid's bow and the outer corner of your lips to fake a poutier look, and bring out the bridge of your nose by lightening it right in the middle.

Of course, the classic way to use nude liner is the best: coloring the waterline in order to create bigger, brighter eyes. Our waterline tends to be extra red when we're tired or don't get much sleep, so sometimes even if we wear the right under eye concealer, the eyes don't look as bright as they should. "Concealing" the redness in the waterline helps tremendously in freshening up that area.

You can use green, white, or champagne, but the the least obvious is a matte nude eyeliner. I highly recommend the new Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencil in Sahara Nude (P990 at Glamourbox) as it's very subtle on the eyes while being 100% opaque. It's a creamy, super pigmented skin-toned eyeliner that's like a rock even on watery, well, waterlines. It's highly water-resistant and stays on my eyes for over six hours.

I've tried Goddess Eye Pencils before and they are beautiful while being extremely reliable even in our humid tropical weather. It's nice that they have new shades like these!

The catch: Sahara Nude is so pigmented that sometimes I end up coloring my bottom lashes to invisibility, but I can avoid that as long as I'm careful. My advice is to keep the pencil to a fine but not sharp point to make it easy to target ONLY the area you want to cover.

Eye of Horus also has another new liner shade called Selenite White, a shimmery white that could serve as an accent to a variety of eye looks. White eyeliner is perhaps not so useful for everyday wear but makeup artists would love it for more avant garde affairs.

You can find Eye of Horus in ^_^ How's your nude liner game? Do you think you need it in your routine?