Ecotools Mini Essentials Set

Even if you don't travel, as long as you apply makeup anywhere outside the house, you will need a mini brush set. These things save you a lot of room in your bag and help simplify your routine! I've reviewed a couple of mini sets before, but today I have for you the smallest of them all: the Ecotools Mini Essentials Set (P530 from Kalm Cosmetics).

The set features three brushes: a Full Powder Brush for applying foundation and brush, an Eye Shading Brush for eyeshadow, and the Angled Liner Brush for gel liner and eyebrow makeup. My favorite is the Powder Brush since it's soft and fairly dense, enough to evenly apply powder foundation all over the face, blush/contour, and to take out any shine during the day.

The Eye Shading Brush is a bit small for my eyes (I have a LOT of lid space to cover) but I don't mind the extra time it takes to apply eyeshadow. It's fluffy but stiff which allows it to pack in color.

The Liner Brush is just the right size; not too big as to make it difficult to get a fine, angled line. It's thick enough to apply eyebrow makeup too!

These are the tiniest brushes I've come across - yes even smaller than the Ecotools 5-Piece Mineral Brush Set -  but surprisingly enough they work fairly well despite their size. It's just a bit difficult to hold the brushes since the handles are so short and thin; that's the price I pay for having more space in my kit. 

Here are the mini brushes compared to a full-sized one:

So small right? Like I said above, the mini-ness of it all has pros and cons. I love bringing the Powder Brush in particular when I travel (it's gone with me to Singapore and Tokyo!) as my other face brushes are super-sized, but the two brushes are not such a must for me. I use pencils or brow mascaras most of the time, so I have no need for a separate brush to apply liner and brow makeup. I also don't typically wear eyeshadow when I travel, too.

However these would be particularly useful to those who go to the office or school. With these brushes you can apply/retouch wherever you are without dealing with the bulk. The brushes work well naman, but of course, don't expect the same feel as a full-sized set. Or even a travel set. Get these only if you're OC about maximizing your bag space and/or simply love small bags (like me!).

Let me know what you think! Do you bring mini/travel brushes with you wherever you go?

Ecotools is officially distributed by Kalm Cosmetics in the Philippines. You can purchase from their online store.