Wait, What? this DIY foil mask will maximize your precious sheets

While reading up on K-beauty skin care, I discovered that foil sheet masks are actually a thing. I admit they look a little freaky, but they're supposedly the best solution to ensuring that skin stays moist and plump for longer after masking. Of course, I wanted one until I saw the price tag. The very first foil mask is in fact not from a Korean brand but from Estée Lauder; a set of four costs a whopping $95! Umm, nope. I had read that there’s actually a regular sheet mask underneath the foil. And so, with some food-safe metal from my kitchen, I decided to see what all the fuss is about. Here's how to DIY your very own foil mask!

You’ll need:

  • Aluminum foil (food-safe, please)
  • A used sheet mask (to use as a template)
  • A new sheet mask
  • Scissors

Step 1: Lay out the old sheet mask and roll out the foil. Cut enough foil to cover the full size of the sheet mask.

Step 2: Fold the foil in half lengthwise. Place it by the sheet mask to get an idea of where the eye, nose, and mouth holes are, and cut the holes out. Unfold and check if the holes are big enough to follow the template.

Step 3: Trim the foil along the sides using the old sheet mask as a guide. You should end up with the same round shape.

Step 4: Put on your new sheet mask as normal, then press the foil mask over it. Make sure to press around the contours of your face so you could get a comfortable, solid fit.

The results

I noticed that the sheet mask stayed moist significantly longer under the foil than when I wear it on its own. Usually, the essence dries up within an 40-60 minutes but I fell asleep while I had this on (oops) and woke up two hours later still feeling a damp sheet mask. The foil also prevented the mask essence from leaking out and getting all over my pillow case! It does trap the natural warmth of my face though so I recommend only using this when it’s not too warm (hello –ber months!) or while in an air-conditioned room.

Using sheet masks (even the regular ones) can be a costly habit, so I love getting the most out of my mask with this hack. If you’re careful with handling, the foil can even be reused so all that effort cutting it up to get a nice mask shape will not be wasted. Try not to crumple it too much as you gently press it to your face (in my experience, it adhered well enough as long as the mask underneath was wet). After use, give the foil a good rinse, carefully wipe it with a paper towel, and store it in a clean place until you next sheet mask sesh.

If you want the original luxe experience, you can get the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask (~P4,300 for a set of 4 masks). It’s soaked in their best-selling serum so your face will literally be steeping in pure luxury! You can also find Korean versions at Althea Korea with B&SOAP Premium Metal Aqua Mask and B&SOAP Premium Metal Snow Mask (P80 each), but they’re masks with a metallic coating instead of foil. Still, not a bad idea for ensuring that your skin soaks up every last drop of serum.

Discussion time!

  • Does the prospect of extending your sheet mask’s longevity appeal to you, or would you rather just let the liquid evaporate normally?
  • Will you try this weird hack? Why or why not?