Current Fave Contour Powder: The Too Cool For School By Rodin Shader

I picked up this Too Cool For School by Rodin Shader (P640) at Althea a few months ago but didn't open it until a few weeks back. I didn't know why I got it, I mean, Korean contour powders are basically just foundation shades for me! But I thought I might give it a chance as I am in desperate need of an idiot-proof daily contour powder. The price is not too bad and hey, the packaging looked interesting. (Said every girl who bought something she didn't maybe need!)

So how is it? Well, I love it. The swatches are kinda blah, but on my face it creates a natural contour that's almost invisible. It's there - my face is more defined, certainly - but it never gets obvious even though I apply a heavy layer. The lightest strip is indeed my skin tone shade, but the mid and dark strips are exactly what I need for that subtle contour job.

The colors are warm with a taupey hint. Mixed together, they warm up my skin nicely without looking too orange or muddy brown. In the photo below I used it on the hollows of my cheekbones and jawline!

The powder does need to be layered a couple of times with a nice dense yet fluffy brush. I don't mind though, as it means I can't really go wrong no matter how heavy-handed I get! 

Overall, I think the Too Cool For School by Rodin Shader is a great find! I've been using it regularly, and I think I'll be adding it to my regular rotation of products. ^_^ What's your current contour powder? Any faves we should know about?

CheeksLiz Lanuzo6 Comments