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How to make: Liz's Stir-Fry Beef Broccoli

There are some women who are weirdly proud about not knowing how to cook - I say, cooking is an enjoyable, relaxing, and rewarding experience! I think they're missing out. Besides, cooking is a great practical skill to have when the zombie or triffid apocalypse comes. Or if you just can't afford help and takeout dinners.

Anyway, a reader requested that I demonstrate how I make my Stir-Fry Beef Broccoli. I thought, why not! It's an incredibly easy and healthy dish. Actually it's so easy to cook, you would spend more time cutting up stuff versus actually cooking them.

This recipe is perfect for those on a diet. The beef is lean, there are no carbs, and there's only minimal salt and oil involved in the recipe. It tastes wonderful, nonetheless, because the flavor of the beef does most of the work. Here goes!

1. Buy a roll or two of breakfast steak from Monterey. Monterey is my favorite brand of meat, it's usually fresh. S&R meat is also great and actually cheaper than Monterey when you do the math. So! Once you have the meat, cut it in strips and season it. This is the sorcery that I put in my beef:

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