A new squeeze: The Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip

I have a couple of Bobbi Brown Art Sticks and I love them - they're pigmented, they give full coverage, and stay on for hours. I have only one complaint though: they have to be sharpened since the lip crayon is housed in wood. Thankfully I haven't lost the special sharpener; it would certainly be a dark day if it were to ever occur!

There are, however, merits when it comes to wooden crayon makeup. They may be hassle to sharpen but that means that the product is uncontaminated, fresh, and will not start drying out until it's sharpened.

Still, my lazy self is glad that the new Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip (P1,400) comes in a different format. It's a liquid lipstick housed in a squeeze tube that has a small slanted applicator at the end. It promises to be a more comfortable, creamy formula compared to other LLs while offering intense pigmentation. Does it deliver? Yes!

The product was easy to squeeze out and apply once I got the hang of it. The trick is to swipe on only a small amount - a little goes a long way here - and then fix up the edges with the slanted plastic tip. These lippies have a semi-matte, creamy finish when applied correctly. I put too much while swatching hence they look more shiny than they are in real life! These are definitely not glossy or shiny when freshly applied; the satiny sheen tempers down the longer you wear it.

The Art Stick Liquid Lip don't set dry like the others. It actually feels like a normal twist-up lipstick once it settles. I prefer that, actually, since most liquid lipsticks tend to feel caky and too drying on my lips. I don't need to wear lip balm with it since it's moisturizing enough for my normal lips.

Staying power is good at 4-5 hours. It fades after eating (outer corners and middle part) and transfers but not more than usual for a moisturizing lipstick. Expect a nice stain after!

I have two shades with me. Plum Noir is a rich grape-y red while Pink Punch is a hot coral pink. Both bold shades look good on my medium warm skin tone and they're my go-to when I'm itching for a bold lip.

Overall, you must check out the Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip if you're looking for a satin finish liquid lipstick that's comfortable and not too fussy. You can find pretty browns, nudes, and bolds in this collection. Let me know what you think!