The Weekly Haul: Avon, Revlon, Beauty So Clean

Making interesting and exciting press kits is an art. You have to think of what will make your recipient oooohhh at what's inside, while keeping in mind that it has to be as informative AND photogenic as possible for their Instagram feeds. I always appreciate receiving well-made kits from brands as they make my job a whole lot easier!

So! This week, here are the most interesting items I have for you guys.

Two days ago Avon introduced Maine Mendoza, AlDub's superstar half, as their latest endorser for Skin So Soft. There's a new variant called Advance White With Stem Cells that's supposed to whiten while hydrating skin. If you've tried their past variants with Marula extract, it smells and feels exactly the same way. I love the scent! Texture is ultra light too.

Side note: I opened this wooden box just today and saw that there were caramel apples inside. Good thing they didn't go bad hehe. Whoever the supplier was, they used fresh apples and their caramel/chocolate coating is DIVINE.

Revlon sent a nice jewelry box with their - are you ready - Ultra HD Matte Lip Color. I have been lemming for these! Someone told me that I don't seem to feature matte colors a lot, but that's really because I don't find them comfortable to wear. These new ones from Revlon are I kid you not so buttery and soft on the lips. They have a tiny bit of sheen when freshly applied but I'll find out if they dry more matte later on in the day. 

Revlon also sent over a perfume (didn't know they sold perfume pala!) and a limited edition Marchesa Mirror Compact. They also threw in a couple of chocolates. Sweet!

Finally, I have something I know neat freaks will love: Beauty So Clean! This famous brand from the US is now in the Philippines via Suesh. If you love sanitizing your makeup and cleaning brushes regularly, BSS has products specifically for the process. They even have wipes for cleaning compacts, wands, and tubes. Can't wait to try the Brush Cleanser! Mine is running out and I've always been curious about BSS. Perfect timing.

So there you go. ^_^ Share your haul this week too! Did you find anything exciting while shopping?