Beauty Box Corp. is hiring!

Working in the beauty industry is hella fun, I tell you. I graduated with a BA in Political Science so never in my earlier life did I dream that I would end up running a beauty company, but I love every moment. I entered the industry through my blog eight years ago and worked with some of the best brands; I've gone through many hats as a copywriter, marketer, social media manager, influencer, and now as an entrepreneur.

It sounds like a glamorous life, no? It is. There is so much makeup and makeovers to be had, lol. But like anything else that is loved, a job in beauty requires minute attention to detail, the ability to look fantastic even when exhausted, and a ready smile for everybody involved in marketing and selling your brand. It's a lot about relationships, actually. Beauty products are so personal that it's almost impossible to sell it without a personal touch.

There's something about it - the way a woman looks so happy to finally get her eyeliner and eyebrow game right, the feeling of launching an exciting product, mingling with like-minded people who get why cat eyes are important - that's why I love it here. :)

Now if you've always dreamed about getting in the industry too, Beauty Box Corp., the company that distributes massive Japanese best-sellers like K-Palette, Cure, Kracie, and Baby Foot, is looking for new blood. My friend Cheryl runs it and she's an amazing mentor to have. Her story in setting up her company has inspired me on so many levels and hopefully, she can inspire you too as you learn the ropes.

So yup posting this here for her. Details are below! Good luck!

Duties of the Marketing Assistant include:

  • Assisting the marketing manager and supporting the marketing team with marketing activities.
  • Spearheads promotions and coordinating with retail chains
  • Maintaining of social media accounts, must be articulate and updated on pop culture
  • Conceptualizes and produces materials for social media posts
  • Spearheads photo shoots and must know how to take beautiful photos
  • Assisting with the production of marketing materials and literature such as press kits and alike
  • Coordinating the production of a wide range of marketing communications
  • Providing support for marketing events and exhibitions as required
  • Assist with the collation of information for promotional literature
  • Updating and maintaining the marketing department's documentation and databases.
  • Conceptualizing and managing events, booking venues and ordering marketing materials   

Requirements of the role

  • A degree in marketing (not essential but an advantage)
  • Personable, presentable and articulate.
  • Effective project management skills
  • Sound understanding of marketing principles
  • Strong copywriting skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas
  • Computer proficient with Microsoft Office and with a little knowledge of Adobe PhotoShop
  • Strong administration and organizational skills.