Crazy Hack Test: Can you use the Milcu Deodorant Powder for shine control?

Sometimes the love for beauty (and the chance to save money) can make you do crazy things. The internet is full of hacks that promise to turn everyday items into the newest addition to your beauty regimen, supposedly with the added benefit of being cheaper than buying the actual product from the store. Some DIYs really do provide affordable alternatives that actually work so when we found this hack online, we simply had to know if such a crazy idea would actually work!

Antiperspirant products are usually formulated with aluminium salts that block the sweat output of the skin. When the salt dissolves in the moisture, it creates a gel that forms a temporary “plug” or blockage near the surface of the sweat gland. As a result, less sweat can come through and the area can stay dry and fresh. The salt plug then gets removed when you wash your underarms in the shower. And just to be clear, there has been no evidence that suggests that aluminum causes cancer. 

For this hack, I decided to try using the Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant (P61 at groceries) as a setting powder to see if it would help keep my skin from oiling up and getting sweaty. It's made from potassium alum, or what we more commonly know as "tawas". (Editor's Note: This isn't as farfetched as one might think; VMV Hypoallergenics' Pore Minimizing Skin Mattifier toner has antiperspirant and deodorant ingredients too! - Liz)

I used my Real Techniques Powder Brush to lightly dust the powder all over my face but if you are so inclined, Milcu also sells a version of this powder in a shake canister with a puff applicator.

Important note: Milcu is not tested nor recommended for usage on the face.

The powder felt really grainy, like I was applying a scrub with small particles on my skin. It made my skin feel rough and the graininess did not subside even with wear. It also gave me a white complexion because the powder itself is really white. It didn't bother me but you can simply apply a layer of powder foundation in your shade on top. 

To put it to the test, I headed into our hot kitchen to cook. Despite the heat and physical activity, I was surprised that my face did not sweat nor oil up! My face had stayed matte but my skin felt itchy and irritated. I have used Milcu as a deodorant before and had never gotten allergies from it; however, our facial skin is a lot more delicate than the rest of our bodies. I had to wash the powder all off about three hours after application so I don't know how long the hack would have lasted.

While it seemed like the hack might have worked, I wouldn't recommend trying this because of the rashes and red bumps I experienced. I went into this challenge knowing the risks and I did it so that you don't have to. However, always, always be wary of the hacks you see online and make sure to google ingredients. Try to vet experiences from other people first. My skin reacted not so well, but yours could be much worse!

They may not be as dirt-cheap as Milcu but these under P500 setting powders work well without breaking the bank and are made for our faces.

Have you tried this hack yet? What was your experience like? Are there any other hacks that you'd want for us to try?