The top five Korean beauty finds on new store AboutFace.PH

What happens when a travel-loving dermatologist brings in her favorite premium skincare products from Korea? About Face happens, that's what! This Philippine-based online store is carrying a few amazing things, and I'm here to talk to you about five of their best-selling products that you are not likely to find anywhere else. I've tried them and yes, color me impressed. That's why I asked for a 20% discount code (it's projectvanity, use it) which you guys can key in your shopping cart to get a straight up discount site-wide. The code is valid until May 31 only know the drill.

Ready? Here's what I think of About Face's top five!

Magic Stone | P990 at AboutFace.PH

This was just featured in Refinery 29 and was promptly called "legit magical". If you Google it, this soap is blowing up the Korean cleansing scene. It's supposed to remove makeup and brighten skin with a thick, heavy-duty cleansing foam that isn't drying. There are two variants: the Original, which is a speckled stone-like soap for all skin types, and the Black, which has charcoal for oily skin. I'm using the Original and loving the lush foam so far! I've been using it as a facial wash but I will definitely try it as a makeup remover next time.

The soap is quite pricey at P990, but I cut up a small piece (about 1/8s) and stored the rest in the box. I think it will take a while to use that piece up as a little goes a long way per use!

Egg Sleeping Pack | P1,350 at AboutFace.PH

In Korea, the "sleeping pack" is a cream or gel that you apply on your face thickly right before you go to bed. I've tried one before and it's pretty much an extra hydrating night moisturizer! The Egg Sleeping Pack is possibly the cutest one in the world. It features these small eggs that has a yolk (the cream) and albumen (the gel) which is to be "beaten" together with a spatula you pull out from the packaging. So cool! 

Since it features eggs, this pack's main function is to tighten, brighten, and moisturize your skin as you sleep. I find it does what it promises and I only need a very small amount overnight. If you use it much like a normal moisturizer, one pack should be good for about 15-20 uses depending on how much you apply. There's a lot of product inside, surprisingly!

Animal Face Mask | P125 at AboutFace.PH

Cute face masks aren't my jam, but if it's yours, About Face has Proud Mary masks in a tiger, panda, horse, and monkey print. I tried the Relaxing Charcoal & Aloe Mask this morning and it added a boost of moisture on my face. My skin is so dewy right now! Masks are a great way to try Proud Mary skincare, which can get quite expensive. I'll review the ampoules for you one of these days. I hear beauty editors are loving it.

Glam21 Eye Crayon | P849 at AboutFace.PH

Do you want water-resistant eyeshadow that you can just draw on and go? If the answer is yes (possibly the only answer lol) then you'll love these eye crayons. These eyeshadows will need to be layered a couple of times to get max pigmentation, but once they set - they SET. They are impervious to sweat and I know this because I wore one to tennis aka my favorite way to test a product's longevity.

There are many fun colors to choose from, but if you must only get one, you can't go wrong with June Bug. It's a gorgeous taupey bronze that makes for a great single-color eye look. Paired with a red lip (wearing the Glam21 Lip Crayon in Heavy Metal here), it's incredibly chic!

Flawless Finish Brush | P799 at AboutFace.PH

Honestly I don't know what the hell I've been doing without an oval brush in my life. It's the best tool for blending cream and liquid makeup in the most seamless way possible. About Face has their own version and it is soft, incredibly dense, and is such a breeze to use. Love applying cream foundation with it! I wish they'd come out with one in a bigger size one of these days for an even quicker base routine. 

So there you go. ^_^ I hope you enjoyed reading my capsule reviews! Remember, About Face has a special code just for Project Vanity readers. You can get 20% off on any purchase with the code "projectvanity" until May 31. Enjoy shopping, and I'd love to know what you're planning to get!