Six low maintenance beauty habits to share with your man

My idea of a low maintenance beauty routine is cutting down my skincare to four steps and taking 15 minutes tops for application. My boyfriend’s idea? Skincare activities that can be done once every couple of weeks and that will require low to zero physical effort on his part! We're working on it, but if you’re lucky enough to find a guy who believes in sunscreen, hold them close and consider me envious. For SO's that are as low maintenance as mine is though, here are six beauty activities that you can still do together to help him get used to the idea of taking care of his skin.

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This Smells Amazing: The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter

I adore the permeating scent of spiced pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon inside coffee shops this time of the year. I'm not into sugary coffees so I usually pass on the holiday drinks, but the smell - it's when I know that Christmas is approaching. The Body Shop has just whipped up that mouthwatering scent and put it in their pre-holiday collection called Vanilla Pumpkin, which is already out in stores now.

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Splurge or Save: The Laura Mercier Matte Radiance vs the Essence Pure Nude

Glowy yet natural-looking skin might take a village of products to achieve, but for those in the know, the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Highlight 01 makes it practically effortless. The highlighter is described as “an ultra-smooth baked face powder that provides natural color with soft matte radiance”. This is the lone highlighter shade in the line.

The fact that it's "matte" yet "radiant" at the same time is what makes this unique formula the recipient of many raves from the beauty community. Priced at P1,750 for 7.5g (Rustan's Beauty), this highlighter isn't a practical option for many so I had to ask: is it possible to look glowy without having to break the bank?


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Hot Right Now: Smashbox launches holiday collection

Smashbox Cosmetics is one of those well-loved makeup brands that have been consistently producing hit after hit since they first launched in 1996. Born out of the famous Smashbox Studios in LA, Smashbox is known for their long-lasting makeup, their cult-fave Photo Finish Primers, and their amazing collaborations.

Speaking of collaborations, Smashbox just dropped three makeup products with great partnerships that we’re sure to love here in the Philippines! Their Cover Shot Eye Palettes (P1,500 each) are brought to life in campaigns by Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell. Each palette contains two base shades (top part of palette) and six blendable accent colors to play up your look and mood.

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Staff Picks: Our best makeup finds UNDER P300!

You've seen our beauty budgets, our most expensive buys, and our recent splurges but a true PV girl lives for cheap finds that we'd gladly pay more for (though of course, we'd rather not!). We're actually pretty kuripot at heart, so nothing compares to thrill of discovering a product that performs really well at a price that our wallets won't complain about. If you're itching to just add an inexpensive item to your cart, consider these #ragrets-free choices!

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Beauty Roundup: Big weekend sales, CoverGirl’s New Look and Fenty's galaxy line

Sale season is hitting us hard this week, PV girls! Following the crazy Sephora sale that happened last week, your favorite brands are coming out with more steals and deals, and this week’s roundup will have you running to the mall with your bonus! We’re also talking about Cover Girl’s big change and statement, new additions to the ColourPop family, and our Fenty holiday wish list. Happy reading!

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Stay Strong: Here are seven tips to survive your no-buy resolution

Since joining the Project Vanity team last year, the amount of beauty products in my stash has doubled in size. With the combination of my voracious need for new lipstick and constantly chatting with fellow PV girls who are enablers (I’m looking at you, Kim, haha!), I suddenly had more than what I need!

It’s not such a bad thing because I’m happy to try out new stuff but my responsible side screams at my makeup junkie side to calm TF down with the hoarding. So I’ve taken it upon myself to only buy the products that I need and not just want (goodbye for now, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, sob).

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Perfectly Cheeky: The Inglot AMC Face Blush and Illuminator

I love myself a pretty, natural flush that takes no time to apply. That's why I keep a few cream blushes on hand, just in case I need to step out quick without looking like a zombie. You guys may remember my review of the Glossier Cloud Paint, which I liked a lot, but there's something similar and locally available: the Inglot AMC Face Blush (P1,195 /15ml) and the Face and Body Illuminator (P1,195 / 15ml).

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Are the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks good for oily and troubled skin?

Sheet masks may be in the limelight right now but if you have oily or combination skin, then a clay mask can be a great addition to your skincare regimen. While sheet masks are mostly designed to infuse the skin with moisture, clay masks work to draw out impurities and help reduce oiliness.

Early this year, the internet went abuzz when L’Oreal released a line of pure clay masks that got rave raviews. We at PV hoped that the brand would bring them here in the PH, and our prayers were answered!

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Budget Beauty: Seven concealers under P500 for your every skin issue

When I first started doing my own makeup, I thought that all good concealers were expensive and far beyond the means of my student budget. Even now, I have to content myself with reading about the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer, MAC Pro Longwear concealer, YSL Touché Eclat Radiance pen concealer, and the Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape concealer. I'm sure those are all amazing and I'd love to add them to my collection someday, but right now, my needs require me to use concealer almost all the time and it would be impractical for me to splurge on something I use every day.

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Brows for bros: What happened after a man lost his threading virginity

A couple of days ago, I came across this video where guys were getting facial hair waxed. Then when I looked at the comment section (big mistake), there were comments that said how these men were “pussies”, or accusing them of being feminine. Sigh pie, it saddens me that men get judged for simply wanting to groom themselves! It’s really not anyone’s business what people want to do with themselves, whether it be removing body hair or wearing makeup. The process of grooming not only makes one look clean and neat, it’s also important me-time for focusing on what we need mentally and emotionally! Men also enjoy the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation when they get groomed so why should this exclusively be a "girl thing"?

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Autumn in MNL: Jo Malone's fall scents, and an interview with Debbie Wild

Fragrances are more than just accessories. A good scent is a work of art. It undergoes the long, tedious process of making art - from the inspiration, to the skill required to make that vision a reality, up to the statement that it makes about the world. That’s why brands like Jo Malone are sought after and even copied by others. It's not about being trendy or cool; for Jo Malone, it's about creating a piece of art that tells a beautiful story.

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Here's how to survive a hormonal breakout, according to a dermatologist

Just when you thought those awkward teenage breakouts were over, it comes back haunting you as an adult. This happened to me when I started my first job. It's fun to work in advertising but the long hours and piles of deliverables can often be stressful. While most of what I do is desk work, I do always want to look my best at all times! Dealing with day-to-day stresses on top of work - that’s when I found my face ridden with acne.

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From P100 to P6,500: Where to get makeup organizers that fit your budget

Next to using makeup, shopping for makeup is one of our favorite things to do! The thing is, getting new haul every so often can mean having a messy pile of makeup that makes circulating through your collection a huge challenge. Our editor-in-chief Liz has previously shared how she organizes her makeup but apart from knowing when and how to declutter, having the right tools in the form of makeup storage options can help get the job done! They keep your stuff in order and looking neat, not to mention protecting them dust and dirt.

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Swatches + First Impressions: The VMV Hypoallergenics Blush Stick

Environment-friendly and proudly Filipino, VMV Hypoallergenics boasts of more than 30 years in the beauty industry. Their products, both skincare and makeup, are rated on their hypoallergenicity and are well-known for their incredible #skinthusiasm. Since Liz previously reviewed and loved both the Skintangible SPF30 and the Fine Finish Pore Minimizing Skin Mattifier, we've got high hopes for their latest release, the Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Sticks!

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Staff Picks: Our biggest beauty splurge this year

As the -ber months roll in and the holiday collections roll out, we at the PV team have been editing our beauty wish lists. There's a lot of enabling going on in our group chat and in the Project Vanity community page! It's getting harder and harder to say no Sephora's sale and the opening of the Tom Ford store in Rustan's (both happening this weekend, btw) so in an attempt to curb our shopping impulses, we took a quick accounting on the most expensive beauty purchases we've made so far. Were they worth it? Should you get them? Do we need help for our beauty shopping addiction? Read on to find out!

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FYI: This is where to shop for beauty products in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan has become a travel destination for Filipinos due to cheap fares and visa-free access starting October. Think of it as a more laid-back mix of Japan and Hong Kong, with its extensive transportation system, generally kind people, and a somewhat of a smaller language barrier (though learning a little Mandarin helps!)

More importantly, it’s also a haven for beauty shopping!
More importantly, it’s also quite a haven for beauty shopping! Taiwanese brands like Naruko, 23.5°N, and Dr. Morita have been making it to our shores because of the burgeoning beauty industry that Taiwan has. I was recently there for a trip with my family, and I made sure to check out the beauty scene! If you'll be traveling to Taipei, do add these stores to your must-visit list!

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