It's a taupey sensation: the Joey Healey Luxe Brow Powder

Early this year I cut off all my dyed hair and stuck to my natural, brown-black one. Since then, I realized that most of my eyebrow makeup only just barely look decent on me since most of them have a reddish or blonde tint. Well, I had dyed hair for the last three or four years so that's only to be exepected!

If you tend to mismatch your hair and eyebrows, just, don't. Reddish brows look weird with hair that doesn't have any red in it. Likewise, ashy brows look off if your hair is dyed a completely different color. I think that getting great brows isn't just about learning how to shape and fill them in; it's also finding the right shade for your skin and hair color.

I do fall off the wagon every now and then because I have to review some products, but thank goodness that the Joey Healey Luxe Brow Powder in Corduroy (P1,472 from Luxola) kept me on track. Joey Healey is an eyebrow stylist based in New York. His eponymous brand is, of course, all about creating the perfect eyebrows! His Luxe Brow Powder is a stiff-texture powder that has a soft, natural finish. It can be intensified as needed, but it is meant to be built up in layers.

It also wears well during the day as it barely fades. The formula can be used wet or dry according to your preference.

Yes, it's quite expensive for an eyebrow powder, although you do get four grams of product. This will take you years to finish even if you use it everyday - it's almost as much as a powder blush! I would understand if you get stuck on the price. I mean, if you're not a makeup artist you really wouldn't need this much brow powder in one go.

Corduroy looks like a pale grey in the pan. Once it's on the brows though, it matches my hair perfectly. It's an ashy brown, more like taupe with zero red in it.

Love my natural brows here! I'm happy to discover Joey Healey over at Luxola, but I would honestly not have purchased it for myself if I didn't get it for review purposes. There are a lot of amazing eyebrow products out there for much less, y'know? If you're liking this one though, you must get it using the code LX-LIZ to get 25% off storewide at Luxola. Yes, storewide! Am not sure yet how long this code is valid for, but do use it as soon as you get the chance. ^_^

The future of eyeliner: the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

The beauty blogging world is divided on the subject of the groundbreaking Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner (P1,200). Some people love it, while some hate it with a passion. And I? I love it. I love what Benefit tried to do here and how, as far as I'm concerned, they succeeded. 

This "lash-hugging gel liner pen" is the first of its kind with a bendy, rubber tip where the black gel is discharged. You need to twist up to get the gel out - I had to do it dozens of times to get the product going - but once it's out there a few twists is all it takes to get the right amount.

I love the bendy tip because it can draw the finest of lines, and thicken them up if I wish. Once this dries, it stays. It might flake a little after five or six hours, but this has NEVER smudged on me after almost two months of using this! I also like that the pen delivers a velvety matte black line that's immediately dark on the get go. No need to layer repeatedly to make it dramatic.

The top photo shows the Push-Up Liner, freshly applied. Looks lovely eh? The photo below shows it after eight hours - that day, I've been out since 9am working on an event, and after (literally) sweating it out for seven hours, I got home by 5pm. You'll notice that the liner's tail end has sort of faded a bit, but there is zero smudging. My eyes look tired and the concealer has creased, but the liner is intact and clean!

The Benefit Push-Up does have a learning curve, however. It's not instantly easy to apply the product if you're not used to the tip yet. But once you learn the right combination of the amount of product, pressure, and angle, it'll be a breeze!

So how do I use it? I find that a tiny amount peeking out of the tip is enough for one eye. I don't actually need to apply a lot of pressure, although my instinct initially told me to rub it in since the formula is quite thick, like your typical gel liner in a pot! But I only get skid marks on my lines when I glide the tip on too hard. I only need to use a gentle hand to get a smooth, even line on my eyes.

We're living in the future.

We're living in the future.

The formula dries up quickly so it's important to work fast. Once it sets, it's a pain to remove. I must mention that the formula is non-washable which means that you need a proper makeup remover to take it off.

A few more tips: clean the rubber applicator with a tissue or wipe after every use. It's tougher to apply when the product has crusted on the top! You also must screw on the cap tightly once you're done. The gel liner inside dries up too easily so exposing it to air might ruin it.

Overall, I highly recommend the Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner to anyone who loves the matte, intense, and easy-to-control look of gel eyeliner but has so far not mastered it using the traditional brush and pot setup. This liner makes the whole thing a lot easier, IMHO, after a bit of practice.

The formula is long-wearing on me but it bears to know that some women have complained about it smudging like crazy. IDK how that could be when this sets into a solid crust! Well. Different strokes for different folks I guess!

Love this stuff. Let me know what you think!

My top 10 favorite finds last July

I almost forgot about this monthly list! Last July I did actually fail to jot down my favorites, so this one is sorta like a comeback. I've found quite a few that I really like last month. It'd be a shame if I didn't give them another push.

Let's go!

This is probably my best find in the last few months: the Burt's Bees Daisy White Facial Toner. This is an amazingly gentle toner that did wonders in brightening up my skin! I've been using a few new other skincare stuff (I should blog about my updated routine soon), but I think that this toner is key to how nice my skin is today.

Recently I got a bottle of the Burt's Bees Tomato Toner, which is a more intense product compared to the Daisy White. If you've been reading this blog a while then you know I was crazy about that one! I love them both to bits. Can a girl use two toners interchangeably? YES. (But not in one go ok?)

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby is the ultimate "my lips but better" lipstick for me. It's so sweet and subtle and makes me look like a nice person. Haha. I get a kick out of just opening the cap and marvelling at the packaging. This is a staple!

Another new lipstick that I'm digging Pixy Lasting Matte Lipstick in Be In Love. It's just 300 bucks but you guys, the color and the formula is quite nice! It's the perfect doll pink that's warm enough to be flattering - think Pink Nouveau but wearable on Asian skin.

One reader bought a tube because of my review, although she was wondering why it didn't look as pigmented on her as it did on me. Well, I have pale lips so I can get away with paler colors - yes, even if they run a bit streaky. If you have pigmented lips, my suggestion is to wear a nude or coordinating lip pencil underneath lippies like Be In Love to get maximum opacity.

One of the perks of having good skin is that we don't need to wear a lot of makeup. Unless I'm going to a long-haul event, I've given up heavy liquid foundations for sheer ones like the Bobbi Brown Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF15. This is a hydrating tinted base that has a decent SPF15 for daily wear. I either apply sunscreen underneath or dust a powder foundation with higher SPF on top.

I like the brightening, barely there finish. This enhances my skin nicely without looking like I piled on the foundation.

Still in the sheer zone, I have been enjoying the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. This is a great setting powder that gives a poreless, flawless finish while offering a bit of oil control!

For quick contouring, I've been turning to the Stila All Day Bronzer in Light. It warms up my skin like a bronzer should - just without the shimmer! That and the light, nutty shade makes it ideal for contouring. ^_^ I also like that this is fairly long-wearing even in humid weather.

I am and will forever be a fan of the Bifesta makeup remover, but for quick jobs, the Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes is my favorite. It's just a really convenient way to remove a day's worth of makeup without going through a LOT of cotton pads! What I do is, I add a couple of pumps of Bifesta to the wipe to boost its cleansing power. Neat trick. Try it out. ;)

I've been obsessing about the Zoeva Luxe Complete Brush Set since I got it. It's just so...what's the word, AWESOME. I love each brush and have been using them almost exclusively in the last two or three weeks! You must get this set once they are restocked in Luxola.

I finalized my travel plans this weekend and I can not wait. I'm already planning what to bring and off the top of my head, I'll probably be sneaking a couple of duos from the Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set in my suitcase. While this isn't something I'd use for my daily makeup routine (Zoeva is still the best set), these Charm brushes are must-haves for traveling.

And here's another cool brush: the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush. I find this to be a great addition in my skincare routine since it cleans up any product build-up thoroughly. My pores have never been this purified since, well, ever. With this Mary Kay mechanical brush and the Cure Aqua Gel, I just might never have to get a real facial again!

Yes I will blog about my skincare routine, okay! Any new finds on your end lately?

OOTD + FOTD: It's a neutral situation

I bought this black romper from Promod last year for like 4,000 bucks. It was more than I would usually spend for one piece of clothing - a "onesie" at that (sounds so disgusting) - but I needed something to wear for the Preview ball. I'm so glad I coughed up the money. I've worn this piece countless of times since it has a flattering fit and deep pockets (!), it doesn't need ironing, and is thus perfect for traveling! I'll probably wear it until it quits on me!

Anyway, I thought I'd post this look since a lot of you gals asked me what I wore. ^_^ I recently got this white jacket from Stradivarius for P3,300. Yes I know it looks like a trench coat but it's made of rather thin material. It's really more of a long jacket! Here's an actual trench coat I got from the same brand.


As you know I LOVE shopping in Stradivarius. I'm there at least once a week! They have lovely basics as well as pieces that can turn up the sophistication of any look. I hope they keep up the great merchandising. Right now I like them better than Zara.

Since I was going for a clean, streamlined look, I only wore a ring and a watch by way of accessories. The nude pumps are from Ferretti! So comfy, as usual.

Here's my face that day. I wore rather heavy makeup because it was an evening thing and I expected that the event will run a bit long. True enough, we were there from 5:30PM to 9PM. I chose only long-wearing, tried-and-tested makeup for this face because the venue was also outdoors - no aircon wah! Let's run through the products quickly:

Face. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact, MAC Studio Finish Concealer blemishes), K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (eye bags) Shiseido White Lucent Spot-Control Foundation to set

Cheeks. Ellana Kitten mineral blush, Happy Skin Feeling Sculptacular Contour kit for contouring

Eyeshadows. NARS Pro Prime, Lorac Pro Palette (Garnet on the lids, Deep Purple on the crease, Taupe to blend the crease, and Cream for the brow bone)

Eye definition. K-Palette eyebrows pen, MAC brow mascara in Quiet Brunette, Heavy Rotation liquid eyeliner topped with the pencil liner for the blackest black line, Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara (yes I didn't wear falsies!)

Lips. Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie in Honeymoon Glow.

And that is that. ^_^ Hope you like the look!

The fountain pen cabal

I don't drink, smoke, or party (unless it's work-related). I'm probably one of the most boring people you'll ever meet, because I have no wild stories to tell about a drunken evening with a stranger, or an amazing trek to a misty mountain. I'm one of those people who turn inward. I find something in there, then put it out for the world to see as a solid object. Lol I sounded like an asshat there.

Recently, I got into a new "hobby" - I use quotation marks because I would hate it to be the real thing. I take hobbies seriously. Makeup is a hobby, and now here we are. Watercoloring is a hobby, and now here I am with a library of books and up to my ears in supplies. I devour information and spend serious money on serious hobbies!

That's why I don't want fountain pens to be a hobby. Some people go crazy with their pen collection, easily spending P10,000 to P50,000 on a single pen. I can see myself doing that - but I'm still in the early stages of this "hobby" and I think I won't be able to bring myself to do it when the time comes. (But who knows? Ugh Liz don't think like that.)

Fountain pen cabal: Panache, Sailor, nameless fountain pen from National Bookstore, and Sheaffer

Fountain pen cabal: Panache, Sailor, nameless fountain pen from National Bookstore, and Sheaffer

Anyway, I just wanted to show you my humble pen collection - I have a Panache pen with interchangeable nibs, a basic Sailor fountain pen, a P250 fountain pen from National Bookstore that has no name, and a Sheaffer pen, also from NBS. I'm happy with these as I just really need them for my journal! Lately I find it useful to write with ink on paper. The act organizes my thoughts more efficiently and there's no pressure to show it to anybody. 


I also wanna quickly rave about a Jacinto and Lirio notebook that I got from Scribe Writing Essentials. It's just P175 but it is the creamiest, smoothest notebook EVER. The ink doesn't bleed through it, plus it doesn't buckle even with watercolors! I don't recommend it for watercolors though as it's just too smooth. Do look for it if you love notebooks.

I'd love to hear about your hobbies too. ^_^ Have a great Sunday ladies!

I went through the Vitress Catwalk and survived

As a kid who had curly, frizzy hair, I grew up with the Vitress Hair Polish and their Cuticle Coat. I didn't really have a lot of options back then, but you know what, it didn't matter! Vitress worked perfectly for my ridiculously thick hair then; it was the only brand that could keep it from flying away in all directions. You know what I mean if we have the same hair type!

Anyhoo, I'm happy to share that Vitress has expanded its line of products, and introduced two new endorsers as well! Manila's "it girl" Solenn Heussaff has been working with the top hair grooming brand for some time now, even creating her own product called the Vitress Solenn Cuticle Coat. She helped formulate it and even co-designed the packaging!

How does she use her very own Cuticle Coat? "After I shower and while my hair is damp, I put a small amount to make it easier to comb. Once my hair is dry, I add a few more drops to boost shine. I also apply it when my hair’s in a ponytail to hide the baby hair that sticks out," says Solenn. It's an excellent tip. I'd do that everyday if it guarantees me hair like hers, haha.

In an event last week, Vitress revealed two news endorsers joining Solenn: cover girl and host Kim Jones and star volleyball athlete Gretchen Ho. Kim loves the Hair Repair Cuticle Coat since it keeps her locks from being damaged by constant styling, while Gretchen adores the Heat Protect Cuticle Coat which she needs for her active lifestyle.

During the same event, Vitress dared a few bloggers to walk the catwalk while their hair is being blown away by huuuge electric fans. I partnered up with Nikki Tiu (only the sweetest and nicest beauty blogger ever!) to take on those crazy fans - how hard can THAT be, right?

Apparently it is quite a challenge. I have super fine, thin hair now so I avoid the wind as much as possible. When I'm out I even face the wind so that my hair will at least be blown back instead of to each side! It's a nightmare when that happens. It's so hard to fix, plus I can't comb my hair because it will just frizz up.

After that hair-raising experience (lol) Nikki and I went to the Vitress station to have our hair transformed. It only took half a minute to put the hot mess that was my hair to rights. It looked smooth and coiffed again!

We stopped to have our pictures taken by the adoring paparazzi. Humor me! Hahaha I didn't think this whole experience would be so fun. If you want to try out the Vitress Catwalk as well, there's another leg happening on August 22 at Eastwood Citywalk Activity Center. Do follow @officialvitress on Instagram to see more info.

So that's what's new with Vitress. ^_^ Congratulations again to Solenn, Kim, and Gretchen and the Vitress team for a successful event!

This post is brought to you by Vitress.

I got lighter knees and underarms with the A Bonne Spa Milk Salt (Shower Formula)

I grabbed the A Bonne Spa Milk Salt (P140) on a whim while shopping in Watsons. I've seen these tubes around for a few years now. I've read the raves in a local beauty forum I used to frequent, but I never bought it until a few weeks ago. Why? Well, I was skeptical about the hype. But since I had some GCs to blow, I decided to try it out since it's similar to the The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Ximena & Salt Scrub which I love. I was really just looking for a cheaper substitute.

But this A Bonne product is not just a substitute. It's The Thing I Need In My Life. I actually just bought my second tube yesterday! After just three weeks of usage, my skin is a lot smoother - as in I always touch it because I couldn't believe it. I also noticed that my knees and armpits are way lighter. I didn't even realize it until last week as I was looking at some pictures!

Guys, this thing smoothens and lightens my skin, as advertised. No BS here ha. I got results.

This salt scrub, like the Body Shop one, has salty bits suspended in a thick, creamy moisturising base. It's a bit more abrasive than TBS and not as rich/thick but it works well enough! The scratchy salt isn't uncomfortable for me. If you have sensitive, thin skin though it might be too much. Best to try it on one area first to see if you can take it.

I wash with a shower gel or soap first before this scrub. Then, I use a sizeable blob for each limb to coat them entirely - too little and the water will just dissolve the product. The more the better! I don't feel so bad though because one tube is fairly inexpensive.

I recommend you use it 2-3 times a week! Remember, use a generous amount to see better results.

It leaves a sort of slinky film on the skin once all the salt bits are washed away. Sometimes, I don't use a moisturizer anymore since this *feels* hydrating enough. I still recommend using a moisturizer or better yet a body oil to get softer results. Try argan oil, it will make your skin feel unbelievable.

Like I said above, I noticed that my under arms and knees noticeably lightened after three weeks of using this. I didn't use any new scrub or moisturizer ha! This was the only new thing I added to my routine. Here's a picture of me last week - my knees used to be about two or three shades darker than the rest of my legs, but now they're almost the same color (of course barring the natural shadow in this outdoor scene).

Seeee? Crazy. Yesterday I wanted to hoard this scrub, but unfortunately it was the last tube in stock at Watsons SM Aura. :( I hope they stock up soon, I would hate to run out again! I highly recommend this to anyone who needs something to even out their skin tone and just improve skin overall. Of course, I can't guarantee that you'll get the same results I did, but there's no harm trying. That's the good thing with affordable products. You don't need to commit too much.

Let me know what you think of this, if you've tried it! I'd love to hear your reviews.

Weigh in: Should you hire a bridal makeup artist for your wedding?

One of the regular readers here (hi Marithe!) asked me what makeup she should use for her wedding as she doesn't plan to hire a makeup artist. I promised to help her with a tutorial, but I think there's an underlying question here that needs to be addressed: should the bride do her own makeup, or should she hire a professional?

I think there's a lot of women opting out of pro MUAs as they find their services too expensive, and some people too "pushy" or uncomfortable to work with. It's just makeup, they think. Why do they have to shell out P5,000 up to P75,000 for a few hours of a makeup artist's time? They suspect that MUAs charge a lot more only because it's a wedding. 

What some might not understand though is that makeup artists have done the time and invested thousands of pesos on their gear. They usually have the experience of doing countless of faces, in different lighting, using different products to suit the requirements of the clients while thinking of the weather conditions. There are so many things to learn and do in order to be a capable makeup artist! If you've heard of her (or him), it's only because she was tireless in starting from the very bottom doing shoots that paid nothing up to the time that she can command a fee for a wedding.

Makeup artistry is a tough business to be in. There's a lot of costs involved as with any freelance service-oriented job. The MUA has to invest in training, research, products, gas (or commute), toll, and the actual time spent on the venue with you. That's including the consultations and subsequent calls you make to each other in preparation for the actual event! It's a lot of work. Many of them charge way below than what they're worth just to get more referrals and photos for their portfolio.

On the other hand, young women getting married today grew up during the explosion of the Internet as a valuable source of information and means of communication. There are YouTube gurus sharing amazing tutorials - some are gifted amateurs, while some are celebrity makeup artists with decades of experience. There are beauty bloggers reviewing products in detail so you know what works and what doesn't. Information on how to do wedding makeup plus which products to use can be had in just a few clicks! The only difficulty would be the amount of information you have to wade through to get to the really useful stuff.

We're also now at a point when there are lots of innovative, fairly affordable products that perform well. You can step in a Watsons or SM Beauty Store right now and you can find products that will suit an event such as a wedding. Of course, I would still recommend you invest in the good stuff just because they feel better and work better overall. I'm just saying that if you can't splurge, then saving is most definitely an option.

If you're the type of future bride who is interested, even skilled in makeup artistry after some time researching it online, then I do think you should do your own makeup. You would have already known a bit beyond the basics and are on the pulse when it comes to the latest developments in the beauty world. You probably also have a solid makeup collection at this point and may even be ready to invest now that it's going to be for your wedding.

I think it's more practical to do your wedding makeup if that's the case. You already know what works for you - you just need to acquire a few more things, research more, and practice more for the day itself. I believe that if you don't need it then you don't need to pay for it! When my wedding day comes, I'll definitely do my own face.

However, if you're completely clueless about makeup and aren't particularly interested in learning it, then hire a professional. If you don't want to worry or feel pressured about doing your wedding makeup even if you know how to, then hire a professional. You'd save yourself a lot of grief for (comparably) not a lot of money! In the end, it's really up to what you feel confident about doing. Don't think about saving money - think about what will make you feel happy and comfortable during one of the most special days of your life.

Weigh in! Will you hire a pro MUA for your wedding? Why or why not?

Rave: the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

You know how when someone travels out of the country and they won't shut up about the place they went to? I don't want to be that person! I want to act cool and cosmopolitan about it, like I do it all the time. 

But I'll be annoying and come out with it: I love Tokyo. I want to go there again. I feel an ache in my heart where there is a Tokyo-shaped hole. If I can, I'd fly out right now, but I have a lot of obligations at work. Siiiiiiigh. I plan to go in the fall but that's like three months away!

Anyway, speaking of Tokyo, here's something that I spotted in a drugstore the first time I was there: the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (P300 in Watsons). Bifesta is a brand that you can't possibly miss in the Japanese drugstore beauty scene - it's literally everywhere! There are several products in the line aside from what we have here, which used to be just the Bifesta Makeup Remover (the micellar water). Finally, the Eye Makeup Remover is here to complete our cleansing routine!

I LOVE THIS STUFF. It's highly effective in removing even the most difficult waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and get this, it doesn't sting or make the eyes cloudy. It's a mix of oil and I suppose, the trademark Bifesta water-based remover (just a guess). Nonetheless it doesn't feel greasy on the eyes! It rinses off cleanly with facial wash, leaving no oily residue.

So how do you I use it? I shake the bottle first to mix the oil and water, then soak up a cotton pad with the liquid. I place the pad on top of my closed eyes, massaging gently, for about 15 seconds to let the product sort of break down the waterproof mascara. Then I wipe it away! I go back until there is no more mascara left (about two to three passes).

If you know how much mascara I use, then you know why I stuck to the Shiseido Lip & Eye makeup remover - an amazing product to be sure, but incredibly expensive for a makeup remover. It costs about P2,150! 0_0 To be fair though it takes forever to use up. I've had it for over a year now and I'm only half way through.

The Bifesta is quite the same thing but for much, much less. It's only 300 bucks! It's almost the same price as in Tokyo! Now that's crazy. I use this Eye Makeup Remover only for waterproof mascara btw. For non-waterproof stuff, the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion works well enough.

I'm so happy with these two! ^_^ Now I can wear waterproof mascara WHENEVER, as in I never have to worry about removing it afterwards. Go check Bifesta out, if you haven't yet. Your cleansing routine will never be the same again.

New colors to set your heart a-flutter from Happy Skin

Everybody has problems, and you shouldn't be one of them. We're all miserable at some point and this makes us insensitive towards other people's equally real misery. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we stopped thinking we're at the center of the universe? Next time, perhaps, when you feel like probing or pushing another person's limits just...stop. Help her, instead.

This doesn't relate to anything going on in my life right now, in case you're wondering. I was just thinking about Robin Williams's suicide and how it could have been avoided if more people just cared about him. :( 

But on to happier things. Last week, proudly homegrown brand Happy Skin Cosmetics just launched three new Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie (P499) shades! These are permanent, unlike the set released last summer.  The new trio contains amazing, wearable colors that might just make us feel better that The Morning After is almost out of stock. Speaking of TMA, I wish that Happy Skin would make it permanent! *nudgenudge*

Anyway, I won't go in detail about the formula since I've reviewed the Shut Up & Kiss Me before. I'll just be sharing swatches and color notes for your reference! Let's get it on!

Playing Footsie is a bright fuchsia that has what looks like pink micro-glitter. It's not shimmery or frosty though - it's just shiny, perhaps the shiniest out of all the Shut Up & Kiss Mes. They're mostly satin as you know!

This color will suit any skin tone as it's blue-based. Can't go wrong with this pink, if you're digging it! It's way brighter and pinker than Girl's Night Out, and leaning more violet-y versus Summer Crush. (See table below for the reference).

Just Say Yes is a satiny ballet pink. It's a bit peachy so it would suit warm, Filipina skin tones like mine. I didn't think I'd like this all that much, but as you can see in my picture below, it's completely flattering on my medium yellow skin! It's nothing like Valentine Kiss and Just Married, which are both decidedly cool - too cool for some of us.

This is a teeny bit streaky, but I just let one layer dry fist before adding another one to get the max opacity.


Honeymoon Glow is my favorite out of the three, though! Happy Skin describes it as a terracotta nude and I agree - it has that brick-brown color to it but it's quite subdued if you have medium to dark skin. If you have fair to light-medium skin though, this will not count as a nude lipstick! Just Say Yes would be that for you.

I love Honeymoon Glow because it's the perfect everyday color for me. Compared to The Morning After, it's more brown with a hint of peachiness to it. Both are excellent! It's also similar to Crushing On You but this one is more pigmented and leans more brown-red.

Overall, I highly recommend these three Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies if you're looking for new affordable colors to add in your daily makeup kit. These are permanent so there's no rush to collect them - unlike last summer! - but they are definitely worth getting now if only because they're so pretty. Haha. Let me know what you think! What's your fave out of these new shades?


Reader question: Your first makeup kit for your first job

Hi Miss Lanuzo! Before anything else, I would just like to say that I am soooo amazed by how you do your make up! Never too loud, yet it never looks undone! So, I am currently in my fifth year as an accountancy student. Because make-up isn't required in our college, I never got the urge to buy and learn how to put make up on!
As time passed by, and as I imagine how my future professional life would be in the corporate world, I realized how badly I need to learn how to use make-up.  What products can you recommend for a beginner like me? Hoping for your reply. Thank you very much and more power to you, Miss Liz!  - Dana

Hi Dana, thank you for the compliment! I love my makeup to be understated yet as interesting as possible. I have a good collection of flattering colors, plus long-wearing formulas that never let me down. As you get into makeup more, you'll be able to find even more things to add to your arsenal. It's a fun journey. ^_^

Now, I've answered this question before, but I thought I'd include some new products in this round. These are all fairly affordable since you're still in school (except for one, but I will explain why that is)! Let's go!


Pixy Ultimate Cake Foundation (P400). This is a long-wearing, heavy coverage foundation that you can easily find in Watsons. I love the petal-like matte finish and how easy it is to adjust the coverage. You can apply more under the eyes to lighten them, if you wish! It also has SPF20 PA++ for a boost in sun protection although you will still need to wear your sunblock before it.

If you have sensitive skin and would like a more natural, skin-like finish (but still with heavy coverage) I highly recommend the Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation (P650).

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (P1,050). I searched my collection for a less expensive concealer to feature, but this still comes out on top. It's the one concealer that I ALWAYS repurchase. I mean, I like a lot of other ones but the Studio Finish is the easiest to apply and the most reliable. I've gone through pots and pots of this! It usually takes me about a year and a half to use up so I find it sulit for the price. ^_^

This is great for blemishes and uneven areas; apply this first before your powder foundation. For under eyes, you can apply a tiny bit of eye cream on the back of your hard then mix the concealer with it with your finger or a brush. This will sheer out the concealer, making it a perfect for hiding eye bags more naturally! 

Ellana Lip & Eye Cream Palette (P450). This is new from Ellana! It's not yet on the website but you can still get the singles - the duos are technically the old cream palettes partnered up (plus two news shades). Anyway. I recommend this to beginners because you can use these both as blush and as lipstick. You can even mix the two colors to create a new one!

Illusion is a pretty, nudey peach while Icon is a bright, almost coral pink. You can apply them with your fingers or with a synthetic buffing brush. 

Ellana Mineral Eyebrow/ Eyeshadow Quad (P400). Yet another multi-tasker! I love how Ellana makes these neat 2-in-1s. This quad has pigments that would suit any skin tone or hair color - just mix them together to create a natural, soft-looking eyebrow shade. The four matte colors can also be used as eyeshadows, perfect for work. They give you enough definition and polish, plus, you can use them as blending colors once you're ready to play with other eyeshadow shades.


Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner. This is the current pencil eyeliner I've been using. It's creamy, super black, and does not smudge. It comes with a rubber smudger tip to soften the line if you want a slightly smoky eye effect. If you're wondering, Heavy Rotation is available in Watsons where Heroine Make is!

Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara (P600). My current HG mascara! It's tough to remove (use an oil-based makeup remover) but it creates the most unbelievable lashes. You can definitely tone it down by only using one layer. If you prefer washable mascaras, I highly recommend the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara which is around 600 bucks as well! That one barely smudges and can be removed with soap and water.

Aside from the cosmetics, you might want to invest in a few brushes to help you get the best application. I would go for the Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set (P1,599) which is fairly affordable for a set of eight. 

Hope this helps, Dana! Guys, if you have more recommendations, do let us know in the comments!