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My name is Liz and I blog as a hobby. I like all things bright and beautiful!

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The year that was

I have terrible memory, which is one of the reasons I started keeping notebook diaries, and then eventually, blogs. I want to be able to remember the things I've done and thought. However, since I stopped personal blogging, I only have what little this beauty blog has on my personal life.

Now, I want to capture the year that was in one post, just for posterity, you see. I mentioned earlier that 2010 was an awesome year for me. I had so, so much fun! Let's do a review, shall we?

Press Mentions

April. I was given a half-page feature on The Philippine Star! I talked about (what else) blogging. My mind was blown. I still keep a copy of this page in a special folder, lol.

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Revlon Matte Powder Blush

Holiday hangover? Hating the fact that it's the first working Monday of the year? Well! Don't let it show on your face. *Wink* There's nothing like a natural flush to instantly make you look more alive. A lot of blushes these days boast of shimmers to give that just-came-back-from-a-run sheen, but if you're looking for cheeks that look like you're just glowing from within, then matte blushes may be better for you.

The Revlon Matte Powder Blush (P625) is as matte as you can get. Nonetheless, the color doesn't look flat and boring, which I found completely unexpected! I made it my business to stay away from matte blushes, but it seems that they have found me - and I am not regretting that day.

What I love about the product

  • Very natural finish, as if you're not wearing blush. 
  • While the powder is not pigmented upon first application, I find that it's easily buildable, and better at preventing a clown face.
  • I like the compact, since it comes with a mirror for application on-the-go.

Perfectly Peach

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Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick

Oh my gosh! It's already the 31st! Can you imagine that it will be next year tomorrow? I try to backtrack everything I've done on 2010, but it's too overwhelming. Suffice it to say that I immensely enjoyed this year, and it has made me grow so much in both the professional and personal departments.

As for Project Vanity, we have enjoyed modest success, closing the year with more than 500 entries and thousands of readers every month. This could not have been possible without you! :D

So, allow me to close the year with something this blog does best: a makeup review.

The Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick (P375) is supposed to give "luminous, luxurious color", and it does! It's sheer upon first application, but I believe that it's designed to be buildable. Avon is not really known for their excursions in the shocking color department, which is just as well because every girl needs a beautiful lipstick that feels comfortable on the lips.

What I love about the product

  • Smooth, glides on easily.
  • Has a glossy, luminous finish. Really gives dimension to the lips and draws light to the face.
  • Non-waxy, light feel.

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L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer

Making makeup stay put in our hot and humid country is always a challenge. That's why primers are a must if you're always out wearing makeup for long periods of time! One of the newest primers out of the market is the L'Oreal Base Magique, also known as the Magic Perfecting Base in other countries. It claims to smoothen the skin and cover pores on top of helping your makeup last longer. 


L'Oreal recommends the Base Magique for oily skin, and I rather agree since this silicon-based primer is non-greasy and feels like nothing on my face - if applied correctly. 

What I love about the product

  • It's a good primer. It helps foundation and blushes stay on longer! I once used it in an all-day shopping event, and my makeup looked great at the end of the day. There was a bit of oiliness, but nothing major.
  • Helps makeup glide on, preventing patchy application.

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Winner of the Qiwellness spa GCS

Hi guys! Sorry for the late post on the winner for my Qiwellness contest. I only managed to list down all the entries last night and pick via So, are you ready for the winner? There are two, actually!

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A gift from Avon

Unexpected packages are always a joy to receive. It's nice to know that someone is thinking of you out there, right? So imagine my glee when this package arrived on my doorstep just yesterday:

I know the message is generic, and Avon probably had their media agency send dozens of these out to the press, but I really appreciate that Avon remembered me and of course, Project Vanity!

Click after the jump to see what's inside!

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Myra e Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

I think Myra is doing a great job on their current selection. Not only are the products very affordable and easily accessible, they actually work as they should! You'll remember that I really liked the Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer, the face powder, and even the lip balm. 

Now, I first used the Myra e Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 almost half a year ago. I loved how it looked on me, as well as the non-greasy, very light feel on my face. Sadly I broke out so I had put it away. Just recently, I got around to trying it again, and I noticed that my skin doesn't react anymore. I've been using this pretty regularly since last week. I'm so happy that I finally found an SPF moisturizer that doesn't aggravate my skin!

What I love about the product

  • Feels light and non-greasy on the skin. It has a watery texture that's very comfortable. Great for oily-skinned gals out there!
  • Feels cool upon application. Relaxing.
  • Has SPF15. That number is enough to protect the skin from the sun for three hours.

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Shu Uemura Art of Travel Palette

I've been looking for reviews of the Shu Uemura Art of Travel Palette, but it appears that they are few and far between. From what I understand, this palette is travel-exclusive, meaning you can only find it in airport malls. I find that sad because this is a great palette that's not only convenient for traveling - it can also do sophisticated day-to-night looks with its high-quality eyeshadows and pretty Glow On blush.

What I love about the product

  • Four highly pigmented eyeshadows that I find well-picked in terms of color coordination and versatility. There are lots of ways to combine them for day and night looks.
  • The cream base is a huge surprise for me. On the pan, it looks like a boring white cream base, but it actually applies as a gorgeous golden shimmer! It reminds me of Bobbi Brown's glitter eyeshadows. The shimmer is very, very fine, and I prefer applying it on top of eyeshadows to give the eyes that extra "oomph".


  • The Glow On adds a pretty glow to my cheeks as promised. I've owned a Glow On previously, and I really love the effect on the cheeks. The blush doesn't have a name, but I guess it is very close to (if not the same thing as) the Shu Uemura Glow On in M Pink 33.

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Happy holidays

The reason I haven't been blogging is because I have been reading. A lot. I used to read dozens of book every month when I was younger, but all that changed when I started working. I've marathoned a few books, but always in spurts. Tis' the perfect season to devour books along with the tastiest food! Hehe. 


Yesterday, Christmas day, my dad, mom, and I visited Tagaytay. It seems as if we weren't the only ones who had that brilliant idea. It was traffic-fest as carloads of families poured into restaurants and tourist spots! It feels as if we spent most of our day trip there mucking in traffic. Still, it was fun, and I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend the day.

Now, what I'm really waiting for is New Year.

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The Project Vanity Top 10 Must-haves

It's Christmas tomorrow! For me, this is the time to re-evaluate the things I've done in the past year as well as the things I plan to do next year. It's also time to look back on the beauty/fashion items that I loved best. Here's my top ten last year. Curious about what made it this year?

Presenting, the Project Vanity Top 10 - the best in beauty and fashion that I've come across this year! Warning: excessive raving up ahead!

1. Clinique Moisture Surge

This baby does wonders for my skin. I've raved about it several times here! Definitely the best moisturizer I've come across.

2. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Feels and looks like second skin - only more perfect! I can NOT stop talking about this.

3. Levi's Curve ID Jeans

These jeans promise the perfect fit and it delivers. You will never have to buy another pair of jeans again once you wear these, I bet. ;)

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