Nine products you've probably been using wrong

Whether it’s a newfangled beauty gadget or a trusted go-to makeup tool, have you ever stopped and wondered if you’re using your products correctly? For sure there areloads of products you've probably been using your entire life, but are you absolutely sure that your technique offers the best results? Read on to find out!

Beauty Blender

We written about how the Beauty Blender is a top makeup artist must-have, but how do you actually use it? The common mistake is to drag the egg across the skin to blend foundation, concealer, and contouring products. But since it is a sponge, it works best if you first dip it in water, squeeze it out until damp, and use in a dabbing motion to blend your makeup into place. The result will be a more natural blend, whereas dragging it across your face will just move the makeup around your face.


Spritz and go is the busy girl’s way to put on perfume (and also the self-explanatory way to do it), but to make your scents last longer, put it on the after you’ve just moisturized or applied body lotion. This technique helps lock in the fragrance.

Applying on pulse points (behind the ears, the side of the wrists, and back of the neck) is a standard way to do it. But friends from the Fragrance industry also tell us to avoid rubbing our wrists together after fragrance application. This motion, they say, may affect how it smells on you as you apply heat and friction to the scent.

Hair Oil

If you have dry or damaged hair, hair oils have probably been your go-to products. But how do you lock in the moisture for your tresses?

If you’re applying oil to damp hair, do let it dry naturally and avoid using a hair dryer or straightener after application. Doing so will fry your hair instead of moisturizing it! Learn from your Home Economics class, ladies, and remember that oil and heat essentially cook whatever you put in it, including your hair.

Brow Pencil

Cara Delevingne brows may be your goals this year, but it doesn’t mean you should go too heavy on the eyebrow products. If you want strong but natural-looking brows, check if you’re using your eyebrow pencil correctly!

First, do not to get too carried away when filling them in. Brow pencils are supposed to just fill in areas where hair is sparse. Following the direction of your brow’s hair growth, use it to create small strokes to imitate the hair fibers in your brows. Don’t go full brow, and make sure to choose a pencil that is one or two shades darker than your natural hair color.

Nail Polish

We’re all fans of professionally applied nail polish here in PV, but if you’re painting your nails with thick coats from every direction, then, girl, you’re doing it wrong. To get evenly distributed polish on each nail, try to do each nail in three strokes. Take the first stroke at the center of the nail then do the next two on each side. Don’t add more than three strokes for nail polish to look even on the nail and for it to dry faster.

Hair Brush

Your hairbrush is not a rake. We repeat: your hairbrush is not a rake. So don’t forcefully tug a hairbrush from your roots to the tips. All that pulling will break your hair follicles and damage your hair. Instead, use a hairbrush starting from your hair tips then work your way up to the roots. Untangle each section with a wide-toothed combed first if you’re having problems untangling your hair.

Undereye Concealer

We mentioned Bobbi Brown’s undereye concealer tip in a previous post, and that should clue you in on how to properly put on undereye concealer. Here’s another pro tip though: when you’re looking in the mirror, tilt your head down to see where the shadow falls. That’s the area where you should conceal!

Lip Liner

It’s a misnomer to actually call a lip liner a liner because it should actually be used to fill in your lips entirely. However, instead of starting from one corner to another and dragging the pencil across your lips, start by making an X on your cupid’s bow. Add a dash to the center of your bottom lip, directly below the X, then part your lips so you can draw a sideways V in each corner of your mouth. Connect the lines and voila! Your lips will look fuller, and your color will fade more evenly.


We know what you’re thinking: how can you possibly be using shampoo wrong? Well, if you’re not applying it to completely wet hair, then you’re not reaping the full benefits of your shampoo. Always apply shampoo to hair that has been soaked in water for a few good minutes. Apply to the roots and focus on washing there to cleanse all the dirt and oil accumulated on your scalp.

Did any of our tips change the way you look at (and use!) any of your beauty products? Do let us know in the comments!