An intense and long-wearing eyeliner that's only P395

The older I get, the blacker I want my eyeliner to be. If it's not pitch black then it's not worth my time! Why? Truly black eyeliners stand out more and look fantastic in photos versus glossy liners or those that are just washed-out versions of black. The effect is so nice that I've even taken to layering two eyeliners just to get the blackest black I can eke out of my current collection!

However, while I love the effect, this technique is rather a waste of time and a waste of product besides. I do have rich black liners but the problem is that the pigment is so intense, it ends up smudging in a couple of hours.

But girls, I finally stumbled upon a non-smudging liner that's as black and as matte as sin - and it's less than 400 bucks! Meet the Yadah Auto Gel Liner Good Bye Smudge (P395 in Beauty Bar). I got this as part of the loot bag in an event launching the skincare line. I honestly didn't expect much from this South Korean liner but I was so surprised by how well it performed! It's the best eyeliner I have at the moment...and when you have maybe 30 or 40 eyeliners lying around the house, that's saying something.

The Yadah Auto Gel Liner glides on nicely, needs only one pass to get opaque, and stays on pretty much all day until I take it off. I sometimes wear this to tennis, actually. It fades, but it still doesn't smudge after two hours of heavy sweating! This is a twist-up pencil with a tip sharpener attached in the butt part. Very handy if you like keeping your liners in tip top shape.

I have three colors, with Real Black and Romantic Brown being the ones I use most often. The black is basic, but the brown holds its own - it's also rich in pigment! Super awesome if you're going for a softer eye. Rich Gold is just ok for highlighting, accentuating, or tight-lining on the waterline.

It glides on nicely, as I said, but the tip hardens if you haven't used it for a while. I always make sure that the pencil is capped tightly after every use. Right before I apply it, I warm it up on the back of my hand by simply rubbing it quickly.

Using Real Black here. Is that black or is that black? I love the intensity and the uber matte finish.

Using Real Black here. Is that black or is that black? I love the intensity and the uber matte finish.

Overall, I highly recommend the Yadah Auto Gel Liner Good Bye Smudge if you like eyeliners that are as dark as your soul (lol) and if you have lids that should be mined for oil. Seriously though, the Real Black and Romantic Brown are a must-have! The Rich Gold is just okay for the waterline or for highlighting. ^_^ You can find Yadah inside Beauty Bar stores!