Softener, moisturizer, and serum in one: The Kracie Hadabisei All in One Mask

My, my, I'm a font of great skincare finds lately. I have so many new favorite things! It usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea alone of using new skincare but I'm feeling bold lately. Fortunately my *ehem* courage paid off. Expect to see some rave reviews of a few facial washes, a gel moisturizer, and mud mask in the very near future. (Hope you've seen my review of my latest HG sunscreen by the way.)

Today I'd like to talk about the Kracie Hadabisei All in One Mask (P795 for 40 sheets, available in Beauty Bar). This is different from all the other masks I've tried because it's actually meant to be used everyday. Yes, everyday, not twice or thrice a week like a normal mask. It can even be used twice a day! This is designed in lieu of skincare rather than an additional step. Ah, the Japanese. What will we ever do without 'em.

Kracie claims that this mask is your softener (or face lotion), moisturizer, and serum in one. This can be slapped on right after facial wash and toner, although I skip toner as I feel that this mask can also cover that step.

I don't use this everyday as I have so many things I've been trying out, but I use it often enough, say three to four times a week...usually when I'm feeling lazy to bother with my normal skincare routine haha. I like how it leaves my skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and nourished. It really does feel like I layered several products on instead of just one! I'm not surprised as the essence in the mask contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and loads of fruit and plant extracts. It's basically like a booster shot for the skin.

Once it dries, there is no heavy feeling on the skin. Expect a touch of oiliness though, as if you applied a light face oil. You can pat this away with tissue if you're not comfortable then you can go ahead and apply sunscreen followed by makeup in the AM with no trouble.

Unlike other masks, the Kracie Hadabisei mask only needs face time for about 10 minutes. You can move on with your life quickly - very important! It's also comparatively affordable at P20/sheet; most masks clock in at P50 per piece. It's going to be costly if you intend to use it twice a day everyday since that'd be an easy 800 bucks for 20 days only, of course. However if you're looking for a cheaper mask that you can use more often than anything else in the market and not be disappointed by the results, this is a good buy!

I mean, at four times a week usage, one pack of 40 sheets is good for 10 weeks, or about two and a half months. Pwede na!

Shallow, but one of the reasons I like this mask is that it's cute! The cutouts on the eyes and mouth are like panda face-shaped haha.

Shallow, but one of the reasons I like this mask is that it's cute! The cutouts on the eyes and mouth are like panda face-shaped haha.

I like to store my opened pack in the fridge to keep the essence fresh and to give the mask a cooling feel. The pack stands on its own and doesn't take up much space since it's pretty flat; I'm not fond of the ziplock though. It doesn't always stay closed, which can lead the essence to dry out too quickly. Always make sure that the pack is sealed before you leave it in the refrigerator, ok! And only grab a mask with clean hands so as not to contaminate the rest. The masks are not sealed individually.

Overally, I highly recommend the Kracie Hadabisei All in One Mask to anyone who loves masking up. It's particularly handy for lazy daisies who sometimes just want to slap on something quickly  while still reaping the benefits of a full routine. If you like having your skin feel like you carefully layered several products without the effort in veritas, this if made for you (and me!). ^_^

Does this sound like a mask you can get behind? Sound off in the comments!

You can find Kracie inside Beauty Bar. The brand is distributed by Beauty Box Corp.

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