How to make the most out of your facial mask

While I was packing for my trip last week I was grumbling (internally) about how bulky my skincare bottles are. I don't have sample sizes of them nor did I have time to properly depot everything, so I was forced to hurriedly stuff full-sized tubes into my Beabi travel pouch. Suddenly, my eyes alighted on my Holy Grail face mask, the Leaders Coconut Bio Mask, and a light bulb dinged to life in my head.

I realized that masks are actually perfect to bring on trips due to their compact, flat shape. If you're not going out any time soon though, I also realized that you can use the leftover essence in the packaging as legit skincare. Like, scoop some out with your fingers, slather it all over your face like moisturizer, then pop the opened pack in the fridge. With this ridiculously simple tip I was able to use one pack of mask four times - one with the actual mask, and three times without!

Before, I slather the leftover essence on my neck, arms, and legs, but I didn't stop to think that it can be stored for future use on my face! Seriously. I might be the only person in the world who hasn't thought of that. -_- In any case, my skin was so nice while I was in Singapore because it was like I was masking up every night.

If you happen to have a big pack with several facial masks inside, you can get what you need for your trip then place them inside a Ziplock bag. Now you have your toner, moisturizer, and serum in one product that doesn't take up much space.

I'm sure I'm not the first one to realize this but man, these "discoveries" blew me away! And yes I am mask crazy lately. I am trying out a Japanese brand now and it's pretty good - cheaper than Leaders too. I'll loop you in on that soon!

Hope you found this useful! Do you have more tips on maximizing masks?