A moisturizer that feels like water: Kracie Natululu Skin Conditioner

 "Do I REALLY have to?" is a question I ask myself whenever it's time to put lotion on my body after a bath. I never look forward to the initial sticky and goopy feeling, and the time I have to spend applying the product evenly. However, it's a must-do in any half-decent beauty routine. Soft and smooth skin is almost impossible without good ol' body lotion to keep it supple!

However, what if there's a product that you can just literally splash on? What if the it feels as fresh and light as water? We are lucky we live in the future, for things like the Kracie Natulu Skin Conditioner (P495) now exist for us lazy beasts. This is a water and glycerin mix that draws and keeps moisture in our skin without the heavy feel. It is quite runny and dries quickly; it feels cool when it does.

I doubted its moisturizing properties at first, but it does keep my skin smooth and not dry like a prune. I love using it during the day when it's very hot and I just can not with normal lotion. The Skin Conditioner isn't going to be quite as powerful as your normal cream or even gel formula - but during a humid, impossibly hot day, it's a welcome substitute!

I just squeeze a bit of it on my skin and spread it out with my hands. However, a better way to use it would be to pour some on a spray bottle and just spritz away. You can moisturize comfortably during the day this way. ^_^ You can even use it as a face mist or toner, to refresh your skin.

I haven't really observed much of a difference between the Tomato and Yuzu variants, so I can't recommend one over the other. There is no scent as the formula is fragrance-free. One bottle is P495. It sounds pricey, but you get half a liter of the stuff.

Overall, I highly recommend the Kracie Natululu Skin Conditioner to anyone who's been searching for the lightest body moisturizer ever. This is fantastic for oily, overly sweaty skin, as you are guaranteed a totally non-greasy feel. Very convenient! I'm sure I will empty both of the bottles I have!

Thoughts? Are you ready for watery moisturizers like this?

Gracie products are available inside Beauty Bar stores.