Out and about: What happened at the first ever Beauty Rush

I've heard this both from brand managers and traditional media: local beauty bloggers are the most fun to work with. Not even because of things like our stats, following, and content - people seem to enjoy hanging out with us because we're a chill crew. We barely fight about anything and everyone is always so supportive and genuinely nice. We don't believe in stepping on each other to get more sponsorships, readers, or whatever it is other bloggers fight about. I am so proud to be part of this community and to have these women in my life!

So when I got the invite to spend an afternoon with my friends at Lucky Chinatown Mall, I said yes! Three Korean brands just set up shop there: Tony Moly, Etude House, and Leaders. Our adventure started with lunch at Yoree Korean Barbecue in BGC, then we trooped to Binondo for the Beauty Rush games ahead. The event was hosted by the bubbly duo Marj and Nicole

We stopped by Tony Moly to have a mini-quiz and then do a challenge where a partner (mine is Julia) applied makeup on us with her less dominant hand. It made me nervous, but Julia did a good job! We actually won the challenge yay.

Then we went to Etude House to have another mini quiz and a go at the spinning wheel for points. Our luck failed us this time, and Rowena and Jackie won this round (congrats!). The last stage of the Beauty Rush was at the Leaders store. We did another quiz and a timed jigsaw puzzle challenge. I believe Nikki, Donna, and Shen won this!

After tallying the points, winners of the Beauty Rush are Rowena and Jackie. They totally deserve it because they're such go getters. <3 Congratulations guys! We went to UCC to rest a bit before the long journey home. It was an exhausting day, but I enjoyed the event. I got to spend it with some of my favorite bloggers and brands, so I was a happy loser haha. Till the next Beauty Rush!