On being a failure

I'm modestly good at most things I decide to accomplish, but I am not good at failing. This inability to accept failure or even the mere possibility of it has brought me a long way - I am able to build the life I've always wanted for myself. I am self-sufficient and quite happy with what I have.

However, failing to fail is not always a good thing. I tend to hold on far longer than I should, prolonging the discontent for as long as the other person will have me, because I can't lose. I can't be the one who lets go first. I've put in so much work already and I feel that if I just endure a little longer, it will all be over and everything will be all right.


Life doesn't work that way, I've found. Relationships (career-wise or personal) often fall apart for reasons not always within our control. To be happy, we should know when to fail. We should know when to stop as much as we should know when to begin, again if necessary. This kind of wisdom isn't something we're born with - it takes time to learn. It takes a lot of pain too, but we will all get there.

Where is this coming from? Exactly eight months ago I wrote about one of the biggest failures I've encountered in my personal life. Little did I know that four days later, I would meet someone who would make me incredibly happy. It's amazing, how beautiful things can grow out of ugly situations. I am grateful for the irony.