New eye-mazing find: L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

What is the shelf life of mascara? I don't throw out mascaras within the prescribed three months. I've found that the stuff is chock full of preservative, and that some last longer than others while some smell rancid in three months (even less!). I typically dispose of opened ones within six to eight months. That's their ~real~ life span in my experience. I've been wearing mascara for ten years now, cycling through loads of different brands and formulas, so I can say that with confidence.

My advice: when your mascara starts to smell bad, irritate your eyes, or dry up (i.e. the goop feels flaky), throw it away. Those are certain signs that you're due for a new one.

Anyway, today I'd like to talk about my current lash beautifier. It's called the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara (P599) and it's pretty good! It makes my lashes fan out beautifully, keeps the curl all day, and does not smudge in the crazy summer heat. It's a matte black that pumps up the volume of my lashes at the base and create a thin fringe going to the tops of the hair. I love it!

I really like how it multiplies my lashes by at least 30%. It gives me considerable length and volume but it doesn't look over the top, unlike some mascaras. Don't get me wrong - I would put crazy lashes on everyday if I can get away with it! But like all things, they have a place, such as in events, parties, and shoots. When I'm just out with my friends or going to a meeting, I want something more realistic yet still a stand-out. The Miss Manga hits the spot, for me!

The brush is chunky and long, which hastens the application process. It's easy enough to control without making a mess. I prefer thinner, smaller brushes though, if I can have them. I like coating my lashes per area. It's more time-consuming but the results are better.

The formula is waterproof and ironclad once it dries. If you've got oily lids, this is perfect for you! However you just have to spend some time coaxing it off your eyes with an oil-based eye makeup remover. It won't unravel or wash off with just soap and/or micellar water.

Overall, I highly recommend the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara. It makes my lashes look amazing, it keeps the curl, and it does not smudge all day. Quite good at just P599. ^_~ Try the waterproof formula if you have oily lids!

What's your current fave mascara?