Fake good skin with the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur Cream

News flash in case you've been living under a rock in the last half year: blur creams are now the "it" base. Foundations, finishing powders, and even BB/CC creams have taken a back seat to this new media darling! Blur creams promise flawless, smooth skin in an instant by diffusing light and filling in those little crevices on our skin. With them, you'll be photogenic from every angle and with the appearance of good lighting to boot.

So do they really work? Yes! I have quite a few from different brands and they all have something unique in how they accomplish the blurring and brightening biz. I'll do a post listing them all next time. For now, I've got the one from Etude House, the Beauty Shot Face Blur Cream (P898). This is my favorite out of the ones I have!

Unlike other blur creams, the Beauty Shot Face Blur does not have a heavy silicone texture. It feels like a thick liquid with some silicone, but it's more viscuous than semi-solid (that's the typical form of your average BC). It's white and sheer; it will look light upon application but when blended properly it should only leave your skin looking brighter and ultra-smooth.

Here's a thick swatch of the product. Underneath is the blended swatch; you can see how it's barely detectable. This product has what seems like micronised shimmer. It's hard to see but that's what makes the complexion appear fresher and ironed out.

The blur cream is meant to be worn under your foundation but I find that it's enough to even out my skin tone by itself. I love that it doesn't make me super oily; it also doesn't get overly dewy after hours of wear. Sakto lang! It stays on for about 8-10 hours on my combination skin.

Wearing the EH blur cream here with nothing else. No concealer, no powder! Love how my skin looks so translucent and healthy and smooth.

This product would be so much better though if it has more than SPF15. I guess they didn't add more than that to avoid a white cast as this is specifically designed to make skin look photogenic.

Overall, I highly recommend the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur Cream to anyone looking for a smoothing, brightening base. If you have good skin, you can just use this on top of your sunscreen and then set it with a face powder. If you have troubled skin, just add concealer and skip the liquid foundation; this should look great with just a powder foundation once you're done spot concealing!

This is good for dry to combination skin. If you're very oily, you might want something less creamy for your base.

Hope this helps! Lemme know what y'all think about this blur cream business!