Let's just chill out

It was so hot yesterday that I decided not to wear any makeup. My skin wasn't at its best. It's still getting over the usual pre-period pimples but I went bare because even the sheerest cosmetics felt like a blanket over my face! I felt so self-conscious at first as I walked around the mall. I was hyper-aware of every single blemish I have, every bump, every patch of roughness. But you know what? I realized soon enough that I was the only one who cared.

was the only one who nitpicked at every imperfection while everybody else went on and lived their lives, not even noticing my self-flagellation. I was stressing myself out for nothing.

So today, let's start the week right by accepting our flaws and stopping the constant criticism we heap onto ourselves. Let's not hold ourselves up to arbitrary standards of beauty. Let's do our own thing because it's what makes us happy and not out of some invisible, made-up pressure. Let's just chill out, for once.


On another personal note, I've been reflecting about risks lately. The thing is I love my life right now. I'm comfortable and happy and I have everything I want (which isn't much, to be fair). I can take naps whenever I feel like. I can go out with friends if I'm looking for conversation. I will be traveling, which is one of my favorite things to do ever. 

This is why while I know the value of risks, I am hesitant of taking them. Why disrupt what I have right now for some big goal? How do I even know that I'll be able to pull it off? But these are silly questions. Of course I need to dream bigger and I will do everything in my power to succeed. If you know where I came from then you know why failure has never been an option for me.

So yes, I will chill out, and I will jump.