Ask Liz: What's your favorite part of your makeup routine?

Well I don't know if this question has been asked before but I'm curious - what's your favorite part of your makeup routine?

I know some girls love their lipsticks, some are blush fiends, but personally I love doing the base - or more appropriately, watching people do it in videos! I've been a follower of beauty gurus for years now that you'd think by now I should have gotten bored with makeup videos. I'm still a newbie when it comes to it though, having only used different BB Creams as it's just easier for makeup-on-the-go, but there's just something gratifying in seeing those "flaws" covered magically with makeup! How about you and the other girls here? - B.

My fave part has got to be eyeshadow! It tickles me to think up of combinations not only in terms of color but texture, as well. There are so many exciting formulas out there! Matte, satin, glitter, metallic, holo, duo chrome...the list goes on. If I'm going out to somewhere special, I make sure to have time to dress up my eyes with my palettes or single colors. It doesn't really take as long as it seems!

Next to that, I love choosing the lipstick I'll be wearing for the day. It's the final step in my makeup routine so it should seal in the mood I'm going for. It should match my whole outfit and complement my skin tone. ^_^ 

Makeup for me is just like painting - it should be fun and should reflect what I'm thinking or feeling that day. How about you, what's your fave part in your own routine?