Register now: A Basic Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor is a passion of mine, and I would love to share it with everyone who wants to get started! It was such a struggle for me finding the right materials and books while I was just learning, and YouTube isn't always helpful since there's so much information to sift through. I'd like to help you out by teaching you the basic things you need to learn about this wonderful medium. ^_^

So, you're invited to join my first Basic Watercolor Workshop! We'll cover topics like how to put color to paper, mixing colors, portraying light and shadow, painting textures, and finally you'll create your still life watercolor artwork at the end of the class. Maybe we can discuss drawing/painting with ink if we still have time. It should be a fun three hours!

Watercolor Workshop.jpg

The fee is only P`1,300 and it includes brunch at Commune (such a lovely place) and materials which you will keep. Of course, the conversation is free, haha. You're sure to meet some interesting people! Even if you know absolutely nothing about painting, I promise you you'll learn a trick or two that will hopefully change your mind.

To register, simply email me at lizlanuzo [at] with the subject "Signing Up For The Watercolor Workshop". From there I'll send you the rest of the details to seal in your reservation.

I hope to see you there. ^_^