Reader question: What is a good, affordable contour powder and highlighter?

Hello Liz! I am into cosplaying, and recently I have also been into putting make up on my other cosplayer friends. I just realized how essential bronzers and highlighters are, especially if I want to put some effects on their faces, to look more anime-ish.
Can you recommend highlighter/bronzer brands? I am quite on a tight budget at present so I would appreciate affordable ones.  - Karumichan

Hi Karumichan! Oh, you must share your cosplays some time! I admire the dedication that cosplayers have for their craft. I can only imagine all the resources and detail that go into creating just one costume! Of course, makeup is an important part of the whole look. You're right in saying that bronzers and highlighting powders can alter a person's appearance dramatically - I think it'd take considerable facial sculpting to copy certain characters!

I know you requested for shimmery products, but might I recommend a matte contour powder and highlighter? Matte powders are more realistic in person and more photogenic. Traditional bronzers/highlighters tend to look too shiny in photos, therefore taking away from the intended effect. 

Currently, my fave sculpting duo is the Happy Skin Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit. It's sheer at first pass so it looks more natural, just like you were born with a defined bone structure. It's quite pricey at P1,199 though. You might wanna check out the Ellana Mineral Blush Dup in Light Roast/ Butter Rum Coffee (P460) instead! It's less than 500 bucks and you get A LOT of product. I have another Ellana duo which I use regularly but I haven't even made a dent yet.

Light Roast is a warm, toasted brown with a slight copper undertone. It's the kind of color that would suit most skin tones as it doesn't lean too orange. Butter Rum Coffee, on the other hand, looks like a chalky white at first glance but it actually has super fine gold shimmer that gives a nice glow. This is intended as a highlighter but I also like to use it as an illuminator all over my face, after foundation.

The formula is super smooth as you can see in the swatches. ^_^ I like applying this with a typical fluffy blush brush to get a more diffused effect - this is rather pigmented so use a light hand. Staying power is quite nice at 4-5 hours in case you're wondering.

This pressed mineral compact can be a bit powdery so just make sure to tap out the excess before applying the color to your face.

And that's that. Hope you found this useful, Karumichan! PV readers, please recommend your fave contour/higlight duos as well!