Bobbi Brown Week: Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Popsicle

My mama always told me that wearing too much lipstick will turn my lips dark. Guess what, eight years and hundreds of lipsticks later my smackers are actually lighter! I've worn loads of different brands and formulas in the last eight years but they seem to have weirdly bleached my lips. I remember them being darker in high school, and I even have a slight rim on my top lip. Now, my lips are so pale I can't bear going out without at least some tint! I look bloodless otherwise.

I think that removing colors properly prevented my lips from darkening prematurely. As with any makeup, it's not wise to sleep with lipstick or stain on, regularly, as the color might settle deep inside the skin. Just take it off when you're done!

Anyway, to finish up Bobbi Brown Week here on Project Vanity, I have here the Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Popsicle. It's a handy balm for the ultimate nude lip - it has juuust the right amount of apricot pink color to even out my lips but not add on too much pigmentation. Obvs, if you're not into the truly nude lip look, this is way too bare. As for myself, I find it a great way to wear lip balm that enhances my lips in a subtle manner.

Just look at the difference! If I didn't show the "before" photo, you wouldn't have guessed that I have something on, right? In a full face shot (I'm wearing the balm in this look) it looks like I just have transparent lip balm on. I think so anyway.

The formula is quite hydrating and doesn't feel heavy on the lips. It lasts for about three hours on me. The tube is pretty basic, but it doesn't feel like your typical light plastic packaging for balms. It's classy as befits Bobbi Brown products.

There are certainly other more affordable tinted lip balms out there, however, if you love Bobbi Brown and love this particular color, then there's no reason not to check it out. ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this themed week! Feel free to suggest more themes and I'll see what I can do!