Current HG: Burt's Bees Daisy White Facial Toner

This is another one of those things I should have written about a loooooong time ago, but haven't. Why? Because it's awesome! As awesome things go they become such an integral part of my routine that I forget they were even there. That's how you know that something works so well: you take them for granted because there's no version of the multiverse where it could not exist.

But enough with the hyperboles. Here's why I love the Burt's Bees Daisy White Facial Toner (P795)!

  • The Daisy Flower extract is supposed to brighten your skin naturally, and it's true - this toner does exactly that. My face looks clearer, smoother, and more even in terms of color after two months of using it twice a day. It also feels healthier, for some reason.
  • The toner is water-based and features aloe vera leaf juice as one its main ingredients. It feels mild on the skin, and does not sting my eyes at all if I apply it near the area. It doesn't sting even when I swipe it on top of open pimples. (Yuck but it happens and y'all know it!)
  • Tastes like water with a tiiiny bit of lemon steeped in it. Yes I went that far! It's just another piece of evidence pointing to the "natural-ness" of this product. It's labeled 99% natural.
  • As with all Burt's Bees skincare, this smells exactly like what the listed ingredients should smell like. It's a bit green, with citrus notes. Really wakes me up without being too strong.
  • This is sulit. After 2 months of usage, I'm just a little over halfway through the 175ml bottle. Not too bad! I assume this will last me for four months.
  • The bottle is perfect - you just press on the top to reveal a small hole that will dispense the product. There's no wastage and very little chances of product contamination.

What don't I like? Honestly, can't think of anything. I love it and will continue to use it (barring new products to review of course). I highly recommend for any skin type - sensitive, normal, dry, oily - but I do find it works really well on my combination skin. It also effectively clears up any makeup and oil residue on my face without drying it up. 

Hope this helps. ^_^ Try it too!

Liz Lanuzo28 Comments