The cool thing about Ellana Loose Foundation refills

...Is that you don't need to pay the regular price tag while still getting the same amount of product. They are also easier to store since they come without the bulk of the original packaging. So! In case you don't know yet, Ellana Minerals offers 6 gram refills for only P330. The full-size is P460 which means you save P130. That's like, a cup at Starbucks.


The refills come in foil packs to make sure they're fresh until you open them. Granted, that means they're a bit of a challenge to transfer to the Ellana loose foundation jar, but it's nothing a bit of patience can't overcome.

To transfer the powder, cut a small hole right at the corner of the refill pack. The jar has a bigger-than-normal hole so that it can accept the powder with minimal fuss. I keep it half-taped when I'm using it to dispense powder - I find that's a big enough hole to get the amount I want without making a huge mess.


Back to the refills, just keep on shaking the powder down to the hole until you get the desired amount. ^_^ I know a lot of you gals are a fan of this foundation (I'm crazy about it) so I hope this encourages you to recycle your jar when you run out!

Any exciting plans this weekend?