Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo

How do you prefer to shade your eyebrows? I choose my method depending on how much time I have. If I have a lot, I'd layer different products like a base color (cream or pen) and then a brow mascara. If I'm not rushing but I can't dawdle either, I use powder. If I need to pop out ASAP, pencils are my weapons of choice. Nothing beats the convenience of a pencil, especially a twist-up one!

I was glad that when Happy Skin finally came out with their own eyebrow product, it had dual tip. I'm a girl who loves options. If I can have them in one product then that's even better!

I know I may have an excessive number of favorite eyebrow products but believe me when I say that the Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo (P799) is a keeper. It has two ends: one has an ashy brown automatic pencil, while the other is a blonde liquid pen. Both look amazing together on my hair and they are easily the most long-wearing brow products I've ever tried.  


Yes. Seriously. The marker stains and stays on my eyebrows for a few days before it washes off completely. It's like one of those 7-day eyebrow tattoos, except that it's not marketed as such and it doesn't last seven days (three days more like, but that is if you use makeup remover. I suppose it will stay longer if you don't wipe it off.)

It's completely waterproof! It's like the answer to the prayers of desperate oily eyebrows! If you go to the gym, that means you never have to go kilay-less again.


The pencil end also doesn't smudge, fade, or rub off even when I wear it for 12 hours. It has a creamy texture which makes it easy to apply. My only minor issue with it is that it's easy to overdo my brows with this pencil if I don't watch it. Anyway, I can always blend it with a brush or spoolie if I make a mistake.


The pencil, worn alone. You can see it's a straightforward, slightly ashy dark brown. Not too cool or warm.

I normally wear just the pencil when I go out. It gives my brows that perfect, sculpted look that can be as done or undone as I wish. If I want to take it to the next level, I apply the marker first to get a warmer, more precise base and then layer the pencil on top to get a more polished, dimensional look. 


Marker + pencil. See the difference! The brows look warmer and better defined.

I rarely use the pen otherwise. Since my hair is not colored, I can't wear such a light blonde-bordering-on-red shade on my brows. It has to be topped with something after! If you have colored hair then I imagine that this would be your most-used end of the Eye Love View.

Again, options. It's nice to have them. When you combine the pencil and marker you can adjust how light or dark you can go, and even tweak the color to match your hair. How genius is that? If you have light blonde hair, just use the marker. If you have mid-toned hair like chestnut brown or auburn, apply a lot of the marker then add a sheer layer of the pencil. Add more pencil if you have darker hair, or use it as is if you're hurrying.


Overall, I love the Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo and will highly recommend it to anyone who needs reliable, adjustable eyebrow makeup. It's extremely long-wearing, convenient, and reasonably priced. Try it if you're looking to create an amazing set of eyebrows. ^_^

Would love to know what you think, as usual!


Happy Skin is available in the following branches. They also now ship to over 250 countries, so if you're abroad you can purchase products online.