My top 10 favorite finds last May

The thing that made me the person I am today is science fiction. It was my world outside my real world, where the universe is limitless and everything is questionable. It opened up my eyes to possibilities and ways of thinking that I wouldn't have dreamed of myself. Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, Theodore Sturgeon, Alduous Huxley, Alfred Bester, and Douglas Adams moulded me more extensively than all the teachers I had!

Which might explain why I'm a little kooky. A little off-color. I like myself this way but it's also the reason I find it hard to be friends with people who can't seem to think beyond what they see and what they've been told. (Well. I've been reading SF again, so I sound like a pompous jerk.)

Anyway! Here are my top finds from last month. ^_^ Tell me yours as well!

Let's start with bases. Right now I'm crazy about the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream - I love the light yet flawless coverage, the hydrating effect, and reasonably price. I got it in Tokyo last April, which is the main problem: I got it in Tokyo. I wish there's an online seller here that carries the CC Cream! Even better yet, I wish Bourjois would come to the PH!

I also quite like the Etude House Magic Any Cushion in Magic Peach. It's sheer but has a brightening effect that would serve to enhance whatever foundation you have on top of it. It's kinda like a CC cream, actually. Get it if you have a problem with dull, uneven skin.

The Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange is a fun lippie to wear. The color is loud but sophisticated, and the staying power is TDF! I also love the precision I get with this pencil. I just hope to god I don't lose the sharpener!

I'm also thoroughly enjoying the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick in Surreal Sunset. The color is amazing - everyone asks me about it! - and the packaging is just so posh. <3 Definitely something to check out if you like luxe lipsticks.

But of course, there are also great options for those who are on a budget, such as the Human Heart Nature Mineral Color Creme Lipstick in Candy Red. The formula feels high-end, but the price at P295 won't strangle your wallet. ^_^

You should also check out the Maybelline Pink Alert Lipsticks, a tight collection of high-octane pinks that is sure to leave you drooling. Haha. All shades are pigmented and the formula is ace! Not bad for around P300 bucks. My favorite is the POW4, a corally hot pink. Soooo pretty.

As for my cheeks, the Ellana Mineral Blush Duo in Obsession and Fulfillment has been keeping me looking fresh. This combination of flattering pink and peach should suit most skin tones - you'll love the glowy finish they have, too!

I found a new contouring HG - the Happy Skin Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit. It has the perfect matte brown shade for sculpting my face, and a nice matte white highlighting/blending powder to match. I love that the pigmentation is just right; I get a really soft finish as I layer the product on the contour hot spots. Glad I got this!

I've also gotten my grubby hands on a couple of excellent MAC products for my eyes: the Maleficent Eyeshadow Quad and the Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Quiet Brunette. The quad has all the colors I need for a soft brown smoky eye or a more intense one, while the eyebrow mascara works really well to shade and shape my brows. In hindsight, it's a bit redder than I like, but using a light hand fixes that up nicely.

So there you go, my top 10! Hope you get to try a few of these too. ;) Let me know of any interesting finds in your kit!